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샤이니 깜짝 선물이 보고 싶다면?! 샤이니 정규 4집 타이틀 곡 ‘View’ 의 YouTube 뮤직비디오 조회수 700만 돌파 시, 샤이니 깜짝 선물이 공개될 예정입니다. 팬 여러분들의 많은 성원 부탁드립니다 : ) 샤이니 ‘View’ MV 보러가기: If you wish to watch SHINee's surprise gift?! When views of SHINee's 4th album lead track 'View' music video reaches over 7M, SHINee's surprise gift will be released! Please send lots of love and supports! :) SHINee《View》MV: 想知道SHINee的惊喜礼物是什么吗? SHINee正规四辑主打曲《View》的Youtube Music Video播放量超过700万时,将会公开SHINee的惊喜礼物 。请大家多多支持! SHINee《View》MV: 想知道SHINee的驚喜禮物是什麼嗎? SHINee正規四輯主打曲《View》的Youtube Music Video播放量超過700萬時,將會公開SHINee的驚喜禮物。請大家多多支持! SHINee《View》MV: SHINeeからのサプライズ・プレゼントを見たければ?!SHINee、4thフルアルバムのタイトル曲「View」のYouTubeミュージックビデオの試聴回数が700万に達成したら、SHINeeからのサプライズ・プレゼントが公開される予定です。ファンの皆様の応援宜しくお願い致します。 SHINee「View」MV観賞: SHINee is back with the 4th album 'Odd' Along with the lead track 'View', total of 11 tracks are included in this album! Check out the music video of 'View' NOW :) ♬ Download on iTunes : SHINee ' View' Music Video ♬ Download on Spotify : ☞ For more Information : ☞ SMTOWN : ☞ SHINee Official YouTube Channel : ☞ SMTOWN Official YouTube Channel : ☞ Google+ SHINee : ☞ Google+ SMTOWN : ☞ Facebook SHINee : ☞ Facebook SMTOWN : ♬ SHINee 샤이니_View_Music Video ℗ S.M.Entertainment
Posted November 9, 2016
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