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[MAD] Massacre Circulation (w/ English sub)

Posted by Daddy
sm12071854 Death Note x Renai Circulation (Bakemonogatari- Nadeko's theme) A short, terrorizing MAD. If you try to understand it by the lyrics, you won't even know what this song is about (at least I don't). But who ever watches these kind of MAD for lyrics? This one was pretty easy to do. It only took about an hour to translate, encode, etc. The only problems were trying to match the colors of the subtitles and time the fade in/out. P.S. I'm now going to take a break on Death Note MADs. Probably going to move on to Steins;Gate. Okabe x Mayuri x Makise combo is quite delightful in the MADs. *As always, all I did was subtitling the video based on Korean translations. All the credits on the making of the video goes to its appropriate creator/creators. My blog:
Posted September 12, 2017
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