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The Twelve Days of Ouran

Posted by Phirefli
*SPOILER ALERT- THE VODKA IS MOUNTAIN DEW* Everyone from CupofSquirrel wishes you a Merry Christmas! Lyrics: On the first day of Christmas the Host Club gave to me A cup of commoner's coffee (Tamaki) Two twins for twincest (Hikaru/Kaoru) Three years of service (Haruhi) Four fangasms (Renge) Five SEXY MEN (AND HUNNY!) Six pills for migraines (Kyoya) Seven shots of vodka (Ranka) Eight wounded sparrows (Bossanova) Nine words from Mori Ten cakes for Hunny Eleven peels to slip on Twelve girls for hosting Sorry it's a little off key/doesn't quite match up- we had a time limit and some technical difficulties. Hopefully, this doesn't put you off, because we worked really hard on it!
Posted December 11, 2015
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