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by The Millennial Anime Fan in Anime about May 15 open - report

Ever had a dream about anime?

Has anyone had a dream about anime? As in you were part of your favorite anime or met your favorite anime character? I once had a dream where I met Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia, and we were running from the athourities for some reason. It was like My Hero Academia meets Grand Theft Auto V. 

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    by Vergil about Jul 3

    When I was a kid I dreamed a dream in where I was inside the world of YuGiOh! I was a student at the duel academy. That was during the time when I had an obsession with the card game.

    The other time I remember had something to do with One Piece. I don't remember if I was a member of the marine, or a pirate ,or a rebell anymore. 

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    by Taylor about May 31

    My friend, anime IS A DREAM!
    But yes, typically in bizarre circumstances as you describe. For instance, I once has a dream wherein I became friends with a mish-mash of characters from a few shows, went through high school with them, and began a relationship with one as I was getting on the bus for the summer. Dreams take you to interesting places.

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