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by madoka in General about May 6 open - report

What do you look for in a friend?

I mean what traits and personality?

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    by Nicholas about May 14

    I don't really get this idea of looking for friends. It seems more like something that naturally comes about when you hang out with people, its not as if you start of at any place looking for people who fit certain attributes and then choose to be friends with them.

    Or maybe this is different now due to the internet?

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    by Tacos about May 12

    That they be a weeb and not be a normie. If they can attest to that I see no reason we can't get along.

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    by OLD-SOUL about May 12

    The generic charactoristics of a good friend are easily stated: loyal, trustworthy, supportive, ext. But, the real deal reality of friendship doesnt have to do with these charactoristics or their persona per say (its about your combo). I love my friends for the actions they take and how we formed a mutually supportive friendship where we both complement each others charactor. 

    Example: I am super outgoing and rarely serious person, who can bring levity to a situation when times are hard. My friend is super serious and very emotionally connected. 

    I can pull him out of a slump and he can keep me strait when i need to bring things down a notch. Yet, im the one with a good deal of life experince and practical knowledge vs him who has a masters degree and could tell me the genetic history of the human race but couldnt put a tire on a car to save his life. We are both all of the above charactoristics but we mesh perfectly to enhance each other as people. 

    beyond that i want a friend that can tell me the hard truth, no Bull, and for me to do the same without conflict. be open and truthful even when it hurts and your friendship will last. 100% real or nothing. 

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    by Elmo about May 9

    I think the main things I look forward are openess, honesty and trustworthiness.  Fun, humor, etc. are all bonuses, but as long as we can have a good conversation, they can be themself and I can trust them we will get along just fine.

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    by David about May 8

    In a friend? He should be like a blood brother or sister.

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    by Naoki-sama Nya! (shirayuki neko) about May 8

    Someone that is loyal and outgoing, a person that is there when I need them the most and a person I can be there for when they need me. A person that is compassionate, and forgiving but always keen to point out a mistake or if someone did something wrong.

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    by Nez about May 7

    I look for individuals who are decent.I feel like good people are hard to find. You want to have friends that you know will always have your back.People that will cheer you on, hold you when life gets tough, and set you straight when you make mistakes.

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    by Nekton Marvell EARTHDRAGONSLAYER about May 6

    me good behavour  & charecteristics  a friend should be kind never betray be loyal

    if that person is older or younger iam actaully way nicer

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