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How do I collect points?

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by Jan in General about August 22 open - report

Honest Question

How would you describe/define 'friendship'?

Honest and detailed answers are welcomed.

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    by Yuuto about November 10

    circle jerks to hentai is true friendship

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    by Mr. Space about October 2

    Not too sure, been through life and met MANY people I would have loved to call friends, but to decrease expectations that most people set up for themselves in what they see in friends I have nearly had to cut down everything. In most, you would want to think of a friend as those that you can be comfortable with, talk to and know they will listen, give advice, take advice, things like that all the way up to them being like an extension to your family(Best Friends). I would also say it depends on your intelligence and outward expression level as well. The smarter you are along with the experience you have with people and how you present yourself and how compassionate you are will be factors too. An example would be myself, I am pretty decent in many areas, can help without requiring any others and am pretty smart. Along with that I am a person that pays attention to everything so I am a good listener and someone to give a shoulder to cry on. While all that may be well and good, it does give so much comfort to people that I am only 'real' as long as I am around so I am not held much in people memory. So with that, my main thing for me to call someone a friend is to have them around, be comfortable with them and for them to remember something about me, it sounds silly as most usually remember their friends but because that is different with me, that is what I want if I am calling someone a friend. You just need to find a few things that you need as the ultimate base limit as what you would want to call a friend, do they need to have somewhat manners out in public, like sports, like anime, like 'certain' types of anime (that way you can go on a banter as to why you hate one of their anime’s and why they hate one of yours and you can go on a full anime binge pointing out how awesome yours is and he/she can do the same lol). Most don't really think about it but they have TONS and TONS of these that they think they require from a friend, you just need to find yours. If you meet someone that you can be comfortable with, can you deal with certain things about them, are they ok or comfortable with certain things about you. As long as you try, you will learn more about what you want and gain a friend in the process.

    If you could pick a categorization tag for what you want in a friend like you can look up the genre for certain anime, what is one tag you would look for first? That’s a fun question.

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    by Kabochiii (Digiti) about August 24

    Everyone who is not enemy is friend.
    With friendship however I understand something a bit closer - it's when both of you have mutual friendly feelings for each other. It doesn't mean that you have to talk all the time or anything. In my opinion, just knowing each other and talking now and then can be considered friendship.

    But there is a difference between just friends and close friends. And for that I can't tell you anything since I don't have real close friends. Online friends does not count like that, in my mind but someone else might think differently.

    And all that babbling about trust and so on... well, I don't really believe in it all. Maybe because I have never felt it towards anyone for long enough

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