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by King in Anime about August 2 open - report

Music Anime

Was just curious; i have watched alot of anime and music is always an exciting genre for me.

So how bout it ladys and gents , whats your favorite Music anime ?

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  • 16

    by Shoujotama about August 16

    me never skip opening and ending song while watch anime

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  • 3

    by Benddak about August 16

    Here are a few i have seen that are really good music related animes

    Nana Nodame Cantabile Fuuka

    and a few  have not seen but have heard good things about

    K-ON! Black Rock Shooter

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  • 1

    by jackson about August 16

    i  dont like how you said ladies and gents as there is more then two genders smh 

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  • 5

    by Ciel Phantomhive about August 3

    To me i think Your Lie In April is a perfect music anime because it goes over a lot of stuff and it's just a beautiful story and such and yeah!

  • 4

    by John about August 3

    In my opinion, I would say one of three deserve the title of best music anime. It Should be Your Lie In April, Sound Euphonium, or Idolm@ster.

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  • 1

    by FireHunterZ about August 3

    To me, some of the music depends on your 'attachment' to the show itself. For instance, I like the show Mobile Suit Gundam 00, and somewhere after half of the whole show, a big tragedy occured to the protagonist and his buddies (deaths and stuff). The song I like the most from that show that provides me with powerful emotion is "Ash Like Snow", followed by "Trust You" and "Friends". This is just one show though, as there're a lot of good music out there that accompany good shows and new ones are coming.

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    • King
      by King
      August 3

      I get what your saying I felt the same way about yuri on ice

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