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MY COLLECTION !!!!!!!, drangonballz,black cat,ghost fighters,inu yash, Chronicle of the wings,The law of Ueki,Full Metal Alchemist,Gun X Sword, naruto,naruto shippuuden ,Cardcaptor Sakura,bleach , love hina , love hina again, shuffl,kanon,gto,History's Strongest Disciple Kenich, ,Spice and Wolf,tenchi complete,Tokyo Majin,Welcome to the NHK,Ouran High School Host Club,My Otome,Full Metal Panic! complete,Eureka Seven,Claymore,Clannad,Chrono Crusade,Chobits, ,Buso Renkin,Blassreiter,Black Cat,Big Windup, ,Basilisk,Avatar the Last Airbender,Ai Yori Aoshi,Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi,Ah! My Goddess 1&2 & ova's,etc, , , ,
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twilight series,Appleseed,, Appleseed EX Machina,bleach movies,dbz movies,inuyash movies,naruto movies , naruto shippuuden movies,Steamboy,hammerboy,,
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Hi :).

hallo! ^^'

Merry Christmas To You!! <33333333333

long time,no see..

O.o Nov 18 last online? dude,too busy at work? lol xDD


Hey Hey How Are Youu ? ! :3

im fyn how r u ??
I'm Good , Just Bored . Lol , Just We're Having The Same Conversation Twice ! =9 So , What's Up ?
oh really sorry ... im doing fyn ... well i va some travel plans dis week end ... so i will be back on mon ... wat u up to ???

Oh , It's Okayy ! Don't Worry .
&&' I'm Gonna Go See Twilight This Weekend .
Mmm ? Really ? ! Have Fun ! ;D


hi der...


hi .... how r u ???

hi de hi

yo wats up .... ??/

it feels awesome cuz we both are Indians^^
thx for accepting the request^^

meeeee tooo ... wen u cum to blore i will be ur guide ... hope u will do the same for me ... hehe lol
yes i would^^
heheheh,it's really awesome to have you as a friend^^
you can also come to Delhi,i'll give you a treat^^

well tats wat i expect from my frnds ... but @ this point im caught up with work ... so i dont think i va lot of free tym on my hand to visit delhi ... but if u cum to blore i will treat u for sure ...
hahah..that's awesome!!^^
so wen r u gonna cum ??
when i'll grow up to be at least 18 :p

how old r u now ???
LOL.just 13.
i'll be on a long hiatus for 3 months,,hey,,if you wanna you can mail me at^^

i wish but my manager will kill me :(
... & where is dis long hiatus ??? if u dont mind me asking

haha.well okay it's my hiatus is over--i was on a trip to Kerala.that's it^^
how was the trip ???? sorry im in karanatake bangalore....
it was awesome!!!
i just found someone special's all good...^^
and you??

oh realllyy who is tat may i ask ... ???
im doing quite well hope ur doing ok to .... :)

hehehe...just someone^^
well...i'm doing about you??what's up these days??

ohk.... im doing fyn... nothing same old thing collecting animes, work on computers etc .. so wat u up to ???
nothin much....studying...the same old thing!
k wat r u studyin anyways ???/
i'm in 8th grade--gotta study all those basic stuff!!
hmmm oh k .. wen r u exams .???? r done preparing ??? wer r u from if u dont mind me asking??/ exams just got finished....i'm from Delhi :)
coool now ur free .... so how is the weather in delhi ..??

yeah i am free now....the weather right now here is really cold *shivers*
how is it there??

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