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Nero Angelo
About Me:
I just realised that I am me. my life my rules. if you want to be a part of that, then im cool with it. Nice to meet you all i am Illusive Bass

My Family
Matches- Brother

Ravenclaw , says a lot about me

My WOA user idols:
Milky Sakura
Asp. Anime
Nina Misuki - Profile Counters <3 Profile Counters



mini totoro

Favorite Anime:
Bleach, ao no exorcist, One piece, Fairy tail, H.O.T.D, Naruto, Dark edge, Death note, Lagoon engine, Ultimo, Fruits basket, Sao, Still can't remember all XD,
Favorite Movies:
Do I have to do this now?,
Neko Human RP, k project /Project k , , Anime/Manga Disscussion, F.M.A FANS!!!!, Castle of lithium, Tobuscus, Tobuscus, Any Anime, Big Happy Family Roleplay! :3, Upcoming Anime Based Video games, Otakus Unite! :3, Realtionships, WOA Custom Profiles, Bewildered world RP :3, The WOA Kingdom, Song of the Day, Cartoon Network Lovers :D , Cartoon Network Lovers :D , Single Only!!!! <3, Life (part 1), Hard Rock! Damn this is good! Restaurant. (RolePlay), Favorite Song, The Kingdom Of WOA, wanna work on a Project?, Life (part 1)
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Woah you're that dude o.o

Why aren't you on much anymore?

Look at you chuckleheads down there!


Thanks for the add there :3
Pleasure to meet ya! *handshakes*
Awesome profile you got here. Like the Minecraft/anime thingy too :o

xD no problem^^ and thanks, how are you?
Not to bad. Just watching tv show right now :3
How about you?

bored in school, wanna do anything?
Oh how exciting.
Not much to do by texting so idk. Talk? lol

Ahem. Little late reply here but ...yeah xD

hai mister ^_^

how are chu??
im good^^
yay! hope it stays that way! \(*_*)/
u-um... can i have a hug??

Hey hey Illusive o/.

You WOA Idol column reminds me of another column that another user had. And she happens to be one of your idols ;o, Milky Sakura.

what really? wow xD
Oh yeah. But I haven't seen her around lately ;o. Wonder where she is (besides school)?

Nice music song ....... how have u been ?? :)


Yo dude, where do you live?

london why?
The public needed to know. Thank you for your cooperation.
oh my gosh!!!


how are yu?
im good, whats up
you here?
so what happened between yu and my sissy(Sweetblossom)
so you know, i was about to ask and...i have no idea! please get her to read my blog.
ttyl got class,
let me ask her and see what she says
wait, did you speak to her?
nope not yet
oh okay
yea it shows that she on but she not answering me
i see
its okay

Here's your Request ! Sorry it took so long :)
I hope you like it !


no prob

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