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Merry Christmas my wonderful wife!!! :DDD

Thanks ~~ . I <3 you, too wife :D.
I miss you ;~; we need to talk more D:
Yeah, sorry ~ . I've been a bit busy lately (da holidays and whatnot... and Supernatural >.>).
Lol yes supernatural. I completely understand xD How far along are you?

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Asp.~ I have always appreciated you teaching me how to post an image lol. We have had ups and downs but we are friends in the end. Wishing you the best this Christmas/Holiday.

It's not that good but I tried my best. I hope you like it

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It looks lovely <3. Thank you so much for this =).
Yay! Your welcome ^^ I'm glad you like it! Thanks
No problem ;o. Which program are you using (sorry if I already asked this >.>... I think I asked a few other people, and I forgot their names, so I haven't kept track ^^")?
Lol it's okay, I'm using different kinds of editing apps but I most use Photo Editor app o.o they aren't that good x.x
Nah, they are =). I asked because I thought it was Photoshop. Especially with those boxes and the way the character blends into the background :o.
Lol oh yeah hehe I downloaded the little box thing and I free crop the picture.

Thank you for accepting my friend request! :D

No problem o/, thank you for requesting =). How are you?
I'm going great! You? :D
I'm doing pretty good, too o/. I'm just typing up a Current Event on this Amazon Drone Delivery article (which seems pretty cool, but has some setbacks). You up to anything of note ;o?
I'm not really doing anything except watching Achievement Hunter videos so yeah
Gotcha o/. Sounds interesting. My dad constantly watches shows like that and Man vs Wild (and I sometimes watch if it looks cool).
Ah awesome. I never really liked the Man VS Wild series...
Really? (Not hard to believe since it doesn't seem like they're really on their own out there. I mean, how can he get different angles of himself filmed without going near the camera? And they'd probably never show an episode with the person actually facing death and dying, because they might get sued for it.)
Pretty much, yeah

Hi Wisp....

Hey o/. What's with the ellipses (...)?
ellipses? i dont know that means ?_?
The "...." you used.
oh.. i just asks my friend to know what ellipses means.
i just love making many dots at the end of my sentence.. there's no definite meaning to it.. :)

Gotcha o/. I can dig that ^_^. How's it going?

Hey Asp. whats up ?

Heyo whats up asp? :o how are you doing? o.o

Hey Neo o/. Nothing much (besides the sky). I'm doing alright ;o. What about you? How are you doing and what are you up to?
wel tryin to study for calc 2 , and finish some of my drawings as well xD, and im alright for the time being :p
Is it your finals week? (I have another friend who's taking his.)

Being alright is good :p. You're an artist, too? WOA has a lot of those for some reason.

lol nahhhhh, i just fiddle with it i guess xD, im gnna become a PA. XD. but i do love art and music. anyway yea my finals are coming up soon lolz so i needs to get good grades lmao


Hey o/.
how are you?
I'm pretty good o/. You?
I'm ok

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