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  • Clairisa Good night every one I need to go see you all again tomorrow. I feel so excited because I have so many plans for the site
    Fri at 4:18 PM

  • DesuBun Ah, profile feels much better. uwu
    Fri at 11:51 PM

  • xFirstx Ohhhh cool new site :)
    Fri at 6:36 PM

  • Ai chan Please join World Of Anime server *we have a cute admin :p*
    May 2

  • Max So anybody up to anything interesting?
    Feb 21

  • Eldric | vires per scientiam Shindol just got me again. Dude, your endings are fucked. You're fucked.
    10 hours ago

  • BakaBoy I am a baka ouo
    1 hour ago

  • βyrα Can we get the notification bell on the other side of the website by the search bar? It's kind of hard to see notification updates becaAuse its on the far right of the website. Anyone else experiencing this?
    7 hours ago

  • DJX the mind is as sharp as the blade
    a few seconds ago