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  • Beauty Anyone wanna chat?
    Tue at 5:33 PM
  • Demona Anyone wanna be friends? I joined to meet fellow anime lovers. I'm kind of new to anime. I've seen a bit not much but I love to talk about it. Also other stuff too like games and music. I also write and draw. Anywho would love some people to chat with. I'm kinda lonely
    November 9
  • Vincent (Aki's) ~ Past is already written, the ink is dry. ~
    17 hours ago
  • Artisticfall Hi everyone. :D I...ummm... iam looking for someone and I'm wondering if he is still on here. >.<
    Tue at 9:05 PM
  • Incursio Hello ladies and gents,I have returned from my late night run
    September 4
  • Beckett Hey hows it going?
    37 minutes ago
  • inky Go hide with laughter thy tears and thy sorrow, Laugh and be merry, playing thy part, Laugh, Punchinello, for the joy that is ended, Laugh for the pain that is breaking thy heart.
    November 19
  • ROCKY PEIGAN my new roommate is trying to get my phone because he is younger then me he ask like 5 times now i hate haveing a roomate like him am 15 years old he is 11 years old and he has no internet so i have to give him mine or he will snich on me because am not supost to have a phone in a group home so ya i wish i had my own room again but no one whats him in there room
    Tue at 11:19 PM