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  • vibhaw geass Jamie killed cersie........xd
    July 23
  • L When you get shipped as gay and your straight...AND EVERYONE THINKS ITS CUTE!!! - -
    10 hours ago
  • zan18 any one love me here ^_^
    9 hours ago
  • Naufal I am here now ~ prepare for some glitches comment ~ xD
    2 hours ago
  • The Anime Box Yo! guys, after witnessing fartzyfartz's retarded farts today, i am really tired, so i'm gonna go ahead and recharge myself with some sleep, don't die on in the meantime (actually i want fartzy to die that'll be great) anyways, cya!
    3 hours ago
  • Pun-Pun ☤ Not super into any of the anime released so far this season ž _ ž
    July 21
  • Andrew looking for a new anime to watch any sugestions please nothing with mechs or to much romance
    11 hours ago
  • Zeith I like yandere/tsundere girls. Is that weird for a boy? I just find possessive girls cute and tsunderes are also cute
    12 hours ago
  • veronica Not sure wether to go back to sleep or to play games.... hmmm
    Wed at 12:08 AM