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  • Yumi I haven't been on in awhile so I'm not dead ????
    Aug 11

  • DR.LEMON I've been trying to s-rank all the story and memory crystal things in naruto storm 4 and it's really frustrating
    Aug 11

  • Vincent Time to go, okieee so I'll be back in some month ig ~ until then live your life to the fullest coz time is absolute so make it productive either by enjoying or nurturing your future... ja ne..
    Jul 14

  • Poko this says a lot about society
    Aug 4

  • Tristain when you come back after a month and be like.... " ami on the right site.." Honestly it feels wierd typing....
    Jun 20

  • Ace Hii everyone! i'm pertty new so... help?
    Mon at 9:31 AM

  • fuku why are 5th graders so cringe worthy >.> my cousin called me and she started talking about boy drama and then she says "he gave me the nick name French fry and I call him hamburger" like........wut?
    4 hours ago

  • Ran Who says what to whom through what medium and with what result?
    Jun 26