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  • Cheesus Crust Dick cheese. ????
    Jul 9

  • Steve Freeling Escaflowne is amazing. Also, I'm pretty salty about Hulu not picking up season three of Sailor Moon Crystal.
    May 13

  • Jelly (Sora) that new fairy tail ep was interesting
    December 23, 2018

  • Chief Inquisitor Mayaku I don't wanna hurt you but I need to talk To talk about our love I don't wanna hurt you but I need to walk Walk away, walk far away from you and I... You know I'd like to fight to give our love another chance A new romance, keep my heart with you
    Jun 11

  • Isahra owo
    Jun 20

  • BakaBoy Vanilla =w=
    Jul 21

  • Reese Getting back into shape sucks
    Jan 23

  • Neko Yamako~Tskuki Anyone els wanna die✋
    Jul 16