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  • Wristan I am sleepy and neck pain is giving me headache... today just isn't my day.
    September 21
  • Takasu Who is running for This Years World Of Anime President! :PPP
    August 28
  • ƝαgᎥsα ֆɦᎥσȶα I wonder just how many more thirsty people we will be seeing on this site? To be honest, it's fun to see how they express their feelings and emotions.
    September 18
  • -w-
  • NightcoreActive Hi everyone I hope your all doing great :D
    April 2
  • Mewmewrawr Okay, so like random post because why not? Anyways, I need friends. Like friends I can talk to all day and not be worried about if they don't like me. I freaked out about meeting people because I don't wanna mess things up. I am not the most interesting person to talk to, so conversations kinda suck with me. But if you are willing to talk to me then that's awesome my kik is dinoscanrawr I believe. I am kinda nervous for putting this up cause I'm scared of what people will say, but whatever. Why not try? Lol sorry about this stupid post. Hopefully I get some friends out of this. Lol have a good day everyone..
    September 19