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  • Jayleen Good afternoon woa
    8 hours ago
  • kovu uzumaki 234 If I dont answer your comments or messages or text box messages then the power went out
    November 18
  • Sheryl I wonder how many people live in California on here. :c
    9 hours ago
  • Happy the Blue Cat Hello world. Cat is here and he is great today ( suprisingly)
    11 hours ago
  • Łєlσυƈh Łα๓ρєrσυgє Apparently, my English teacher happens to be a fan of Fairy Tail. I want to graduate as soon as possible, so I can get out of my school, and never visit.
    October 24
  • Nami ok where's the money you owe me...
    May 27
  • Vishal the Red Cat *Yawns well tired so much..... So goin to hit the bed..... See ya guyz tomorrow..... Oyasuminasai minna..... Ja ne....
    9 hours ago