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  • Aqua Which glass is filled with mainly water and just turned into a very happy glass of water?
    May 10, 2018

  • Anna H. Yesterday I managed to handwrite 2 more pages to "The Horrors Of Womanhood." Originally, I did have at least 1 extra page but I happened to lose that page a year or so ago. The moment it was time to type the story, I left it as a disturbing cliffhanger in Gynecology. After re-writing the last 2 pages, the ending is different. There are at least 2 twists on the final 2 pages of "The Horrors Of Womanhood." Throughout most of the short story, Dr. Woody Johnson is the 1st person narrator. By the very end, Chastity becomes the other 1st person narrator. Basically, there are dueling 1st person narrators in "The Horrors Of Womanhood." The tone of the short story has definitely evolved into a combination of disturbing, gruesome, and kinky. Chastity's 1st person narration will help segue into my other story, "All Of Chastity's Men."
    Jul 5