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  • AngelicWarrior Worldofanime got old.....Dont know how it feels like with 10k people now.....
    May 3

  • Evan Øliver Eventide Hewwo
    Mar 1

  • Bacabana Some exemple of very good anime : NG Knight Lamune & 40 Nadia: Secret Of Blue Water (Only the first half) Akazukin Chacha Urusei Yatsura Blue Seed
    Apr 12

  • Mewmewrawr Sometimes life gets me down and not wanting to do anything. Other times life lifts me up and shows me there is more than meets the eye. Life is just straight up confusing at times, but I guess that is just the way it goes. Happy Monday Everyone.
    Mar 4

  • Little Kitten Raia Sorry I been off. Haven't been able to be on here. If anyone wants to message me ask for my number.
    Feb 27

  • Daniel by all things logical, I should hate this world, and almost everyone in it..bc almost everyone in it have something I dont, something I have wanted desperately for about 15 years now. Instead I am envious, jealous...all I have ever wanted, for going on 15 years was to believe I am loved, by the people who claim to love me. Instead, I am constantly depressed, questioning the validation of my own family, and even my fiancee...I cant fix this pain, my scars and it makes me just want to give up
    May 4

  • Steve Freeling Escaflowne is amazing. Also, I'm pretty salty about Hulu not picking up season three of Sailor Moon Crystal.
    May 13