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  • Rhiana my life went from bad to worse.
    Oct 15

  • Kodie Nichols So tired but can't go to sleep
    December 13, 2016

  • Raul Hey
    Aug 25

  • Agent BLU At this point, Deku must work alot harder to become the number one hero because that Mirio guy is one wierd mofo
    Oct 14

  • Riolu "To further diversify ourselves," She continued, "Maybe we should have an African American in our group?" Jessica started laughing uncontrollably. Even Ayla was chuckling at that stupid comment. I always loved hearing these two wedas discuss diversity and political correctness with such ignorance. "What's so funny?" Fiona asked. "What are you Captain Planet all of a sudden?" I told her. - The Fiona Five
    Oct 1

  • sedoid ???? Hello World ????
    Oct 16

  • Foxluv4900 Anyone feel like having a conversation?
    Jan 28