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  • Minato are there even any-people who are older than 20 here? I just keep seeing kids everywhr 
    November 10, 2016
  • Roo the things im interested in....
    2 hours ago
  • syntax hello
    March 13
  • Bunny Hello everyone! I wanna make as many friends as i can! Feel free to add me!
    February 27
  • LizzyBunny I just can't handle life, I'm getting this lonely feeling like no really wants me around anymore and the fact that most of my online and real life friends decided they think I'm nothing but an annoyance they all just don't bother with me anymore and i just want people to in my life that will actually be there and be my real true friend .
    March 18
  • Drifter Put my clay sculpture in the oven. If it burns I might cry. This is what can happen when someone uses all of the aluminum foil the day you need it most.
    Wed at 2:11 AM
  • Otaku Socialite I am a lonely otaku.
    March 21
  • pb My little brother is a sadist. Should I just behead him now or is there a chance he'll grow up?
    March 25