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  • Greyli Who are Japanese here? I need help.. :(
    May 5, 2017
  • Ai chan good after morning guys xD
    February 8
  • Garden I can't believe that a very strict teacher in my school is a fan of anime !! i just noticed that when in the school library at the book loan counter, I saw teacher watching his fairytail on the computer i was surprised that time(⌒▽⌒)LOL
    February 13
  • Hunter Vaughan Bro... I need some serious Advil and ibuprofen like rn!!! Help mehhhh!
    February 7
  • Aqua Hey people just a quick little heads up. If u ever happen to need some CSS code feel free to hit me up. I quite enjoy styling profiles on here. Granted that mine could use a little touchup here and there. Just finished Yuki Adachi's profile so if u would like something similar send a message to my inbox. I only use templates that i personally created cause im not a fan of stealing hard work from others. If u wish to have a completely unique profile style that can also be arranged but for that id need some specifics and a decent chunk of time. Anyways sorry for the long message and i hope that i can make some of u atleast a little bit happier with ur profiles
    February 16
  • hani I've had enough of this Valentine's shit. Stick your roses, cards and chocolates up your asses.
    February 14
  • The Anime Box Finally got some time for myself, how's it going woa?
    February 15
  • Algabraury People who suffer from depression,loneliness, and low self-esteem have a limited ability to experience love.
    January 29