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  • Clairisa Do Manga Artists/Authors have Fanpages?
    Tue at 3:02 PM
  • Alex People ask me: why you so evil? Well, im evil because I dont have bicycle
    November 16
  • Lewis I'm back!
    November 3
  • Foxy King It amazes me how often I manage to forget that I am an adult and that there are loads of responsibilities I ought to take care of... Oh well.
    8 hours ago
  • Moonlight. It seems I can never stop thinking of you.
    November 17
  • Akarin-senpai ヽ(o♡o)/ 5 am n cnt sleep qq
    Mon at 12:10 AM
  • RedFace Nothing like coming home to G-ma kisses and good food, home from college is a blessing-
    8 hours ago
  • EMILY HUMM clannad or clannad after story my favorite is clannad after story
    Mon at 2:28 PM
  • alexis thanks I am glad I signed up. I love anime.
    November 17