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  • Nico Almost done with the summer season and getting ready for the fall season. Some good anime this last season and can't wait to see what's next!
    September 22
  • shadow warrior queen HEY GUYS!! *hugs everyone*
    September 21
  • Scarlet Blackburn Hi...
    September 12
  • Eclipse Haven't been active for awhile, been more active on undertake amino and deviant art. Great to be back!
    September 19
  • Tsᴜʏᴜ Asᴜɪ Not 100% sure whether or not I like my profile picture, rip
    September 11
  • Sunlight. I don't think I really knew what feeling alive was like until I met you. I've known pain and misery, but nothing as beautiful as how I feel when I'm with you.
    September 21
  • Puneet Rathi Hello all I'm from New Delhi
    September 24