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  • ichigo1554 so i was wondering if any here use twitch ? and if you guys think its a great idea to make a anime twitch community :)
    March 16
  • Aqua I love this town, people are so kind they wait for the exact moment that im getting enough sleep just to wake me up with heavy machines so i dont actually get the sleep i need -w-
    May 26
  • ♡Sunrose♡ I'm hungry but it's 5:02 am and I don't want to eat before sleeping >~<
    May 28
  • kovu uzumaki 234 Loved todays Death battle knew Sub-Zero was going to win.Now for the next death battlle witch is going to be Android 18 vs Captain Marvel. Cant wait to see this battle but as I am more of a Dbz fan than a Dc fan I will have to go with 18
    May 24
  • Animepage bye everyone of woa.....take care and enjoy the rest of your day! until next time~
    May 25
  • inky Somebody make me feel alive And shatter me
    May 28
  • Mkkrty If your happy and you know it clap your hands! *silence*
    19 hours ago
  • Universal Anomaly (Jackie) Alright, bye bye :')
    May 24