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  • hina sanヽ(o♡o)/ hey
    Jul 30

  • Trilphas God I wasn't able to access this bloody website months ago, and now it feels good to be able to access it again
    Jul 9

  • Hᴇʟʟ Gɪʀʟ fsjdgnd
    Jul 12

  • Akira I got digimon tri 5 dvd/blu ray. Whoopee! (oh, by the way, i was being sarcastic. well, duh)
    Aug 11

  • Someone The question isn´t why should i kill myself i have no reasons for that, the question is why should i live, is it wrong to think that i shouldn´t leave because the others want me to?? I can´t find anything else to keep me alive besides my family and my friends, but is it wrong to want something mine to keep me alive and not be all about the others?? Well it doesn´t really matters right?? After all life is a gift and we must enjoy her who says things like this is an idiot that doesn´t know how lucky he is, right???
    Mar 7

  • Hashi Toryama school is almost here so im screwed
    Aug 11