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  • Kaustubh Shinde Dragon ball super episode 105 and episode 106 were both great although episode 106 were low on intensity, but at least they didn't eliminate Tien in a stupid way like Krillin
    September 3
  • Happy the Blue Cat Tomorrow is great day! V3 will be released in Steam! Yay! I was waiting for it so long!
    4 hours ago
  • Maximus Good morning everyone
    September 24
  • Brandon AAAAAAA College keeps me away from my computer and im sad How is everyone
    August 29
  • Kudo Where are you guys from? :v
    6 hours ago
  • ☠ Mayaku ☠ Later this month I will be recording some content for my league of legends Youtube channel If you guys are into to the game I will post some full games of my TF, Evelynn and Syndra Ranked gameplay!
    September 15
  • LifeIsAnime That moment when you close your World of Anime tab instead of open it..
    July 14
  • Sarah There is a darkness inside me I cannot deny, As the moonlight casts it's spotlight upon me. Every crack and crease is brought to bare. Monstrosity trapped in ribbons and lace, My scars have always been there. Out of space and time I find my soul, Has bathed in oil and swallowed coal. Blackened edifice made to house contempt, And echo aches I won't forget. Forgiven yes my persecutions I may, Though my feelings been torn away. So tell me now where do I stand, Feet slipping down into the sand, Of time so quickly passed me by. Making my bed where serpents lie, Writhe through my bones, Cast out my shell. Breathing fire, I burn in hell.
    September 22
  • ViceVersa Back at it again i see, HaHa♠❄
    6 hours ago
  • meeko Just posted Chapter 2 of my Let's Play of Child of Light -
    September 18