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  • AKORISHITO ( akoe ) £££«”» I bet yur best friends u two :3
    May 23
  • D A C A T wow today been stressfull
    4 hours ago
  • Shadow Jago i know that this is late and i'm sorry about that but thank you to all for the birthday shout outs i really appreciate it ^^ i hope you all have a great day/evening
    April 9
  • RemiX Thorn That moment when you finally platinum Akiba's Trip and waiting for the tv show to release the next episode.
    March 22
  • ad-darui who guys think that "thousand years of death" is the best move in the world of anime ?
    March 1
  • Victoria Miller My tumblr---> Lonely-Broken-Angels You have been warned
    8 hours ago