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  • Mr.Biscuit I wish I could wish certain someone a happy new year...
    Jan 1

  • Anesthasia I'd die for absolute control right now
    Feb 28

  • Yuki I need some ideas for something I'm doing and if you want to help me feel free to PM me
    Mar 1

  • Oroka コニチワ!ごめねさい、日本人悪い。私はまだ学んでいるので、日本語を話す誰かが私にいくつかのポインターを与えることができるならば、それは素晴らしいことです!俺の Oh boy, hopefully someone can maybe make out what I’m trying to say. OwO
    Tue at 11:38 PM

  • llama. All of the members on my friends list are inactive. ;;
    Feb 27