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  • Sultry design job hunt begins
    March 24
  • Earl Grey Ae rajuuuu iski toh seeti bhi totli hai Rey Baba xD
    Tue at 1:33 PM
  • Ryu Pictures aren't working. Oh no I'm gonna get meme deprivation
    February 28
  • ηαү It's true The way I feel Was promised by your face The sound of your voice Painted on my memories Even if you're not with me I'm with you.
    1 hour ago
  • ジェラール Bye cya catch u all later
    Mon at 6:16 AM
  • CrimsonShellShock I am getting off. Good night.
    Tue at 6:51 AM
  • Happy the Blue Cat Hi! Cat is here and ready to talk!
    2 hours ago
  • Grey wolf Mikkaku Masamune I come from the era of armatige. Vampire hunter D. Demon city. Cowboy bebop. Berserk. Ninja scroll. Tenchi muyo. Ranma. Old school anime. Ask me about anything new besides kill la kill and attack on titan i cannot tell u.
    1 hour ago
  • BakaBoy92 Psh. I totally didn't fanboy when I heard Nsync was back......Okaymaybealittlebit. >u>
    5 hours ago