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  • ImbaStyle47 Dead af
    Aug 3

  • Rðrðñðå My manager vaping: I have the hole larger than usual so I can get more vapor out. Me: Is that why you suck so many dicks to get some practice for your vape. Him: yes. Mind = Blown Willy = also blown
    Aug 10

  • OtakuDarling Will be deleting myself from this site. If you would like to stay in touch, feel free to send me you contact info through a message. THANKS!
    8 hours ago

  • Sarah Good morning
    May 2

  • l l a m a. There's nothing you could say that would take away the numbing in my heart..
    Aug 7

  • kasumi goto aye can anyone please help me with my css code profile ^^
    Jun 12