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  • Cyris Hey there.
    December 31, 2016

  • Rðrðñðå My manager vaping: I have the hole larger than usual so I can get more vapor out. Me: Is that why you suck so many dicks to get some practice for your vape. Him: yes. Mind = Blown Willy = also blown
    Aug 10

  • Ademar Being skeptical is a death sentence, but doubt is a part of integrity.
    Aug 10

  • TypicalJess Together we give our hearts!
    Aug 2

  • Jazzfluff (Chrissy) Sleep....or anime? Hmm....tough choice!
    Jul 26

  • ToundRatz I just uploaded my first real amv on youtube and would be really happy if I could get some help and tips on how to get better by people who have more experience :)
    July 30, 2017