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  • Brandon My page has literally became like my actual life people look at it and don't say anything xD....
    April 13, 2018

  • DJAbdul HI GUYS!
    Nov 23

  • Spiky oh manI've missed this place. Like Facebook but better
    Aug 28

  • Oroka I’ve haven’t been active for a while now, so I though I’d post something :). Nothing much has happened, except over this time I have gotten VERY into JoJo no kimyou na bouken (Jojos bizarre adventure) and I love it lol. Aside from that I went to a convention today and I’m going back tomorrow so that’s cool! =^_^= I’m going to cosplay with some friends OwO
    Nov 9

  • Riolu "To further diversify ourselves," She continued, "Maybe we should have an African American in our group?" Jessica started laughing uncontrollably. Even Ayla was chuckling at that stupid comment. I always loved hearing these two wedas discuss diversity and political correctness with such ignorance. "What's so funny?" Fiona asked. "What are you Captain Planet all of a sudden?" I told her. - The Fiona Five
    October 1, 2018

  • George Playing Shining Resonance refrain is like going through real life -_- the game doesnt tell you much, and niether the internet. lol the fucks a pressure cauldren, why does it "increase the amount of something that can be made"? they definitly arnt talking about crafting or cooking, lol it doesnt change a thing. and most the games like that! cool sounding names, vague effects, and the internet has zero info on any of it. :P god this is like highschool all over again. LMFAO
    July 19, 2018