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  • HisokaVBrittania "Don't look at me like that! You're making me all... excited!"
    Nov 26

  • veronica Planning to go old school on my 2ds and get an older pokemon game. But I donnow if I want pokemon yellow, blue or red... I want to have Zelda as well, but not sure wish game is worth it
    Nov 25

  • Quentin Wry IM FEELING HORNY
    Nov 25

  • Rie yo anybody here?
    Aug 30

  • Steve Freeling Escaflowne is amazing. Also, I'm pretty salty about Hulu not picking up season three of Sailor Moon Crystal.
    May 13

  • Stivonniewolfy0 hi everyone i am new here but i want to make friends as soon a possible. so I made a my hero academai club to talked about anything my hero related so i hope someone who likes the fandom, joins and has a lot of fun talking about one of my favorite animes. ????
    Nov 13