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  • Meeko FYI - I upgraded the API plugin on the site, and it broke some stuff on World of Anime Classic. I hope to have it fixed and back up tonight.
    Jun 12

  • Tra Godzilla and Mothra... I ship it
    Jun 9

  • Someone The question isn´t why should i kill myself i have no reasons for that, the question is why should i live, is it wrong to think that i shouldn´t leave because the others want me to?? I can´t find anything else to keep me alive besides my family and my friends, but is it wrong to want something mine to keep me alive and not be all about the others?? Well it doesn´t really matters right?? After all life is a gift and we must enjoy her who says things like this is an idiot that doesn´t know how lucky he is, right???
    March 7, 2018

  • ❤ Princess Miku Hatsune 初音ミク ❤ Hi Everyone Miku is Back & ready to answer anyone questions please feel free to friend me or ask me questions i will love to answer them. Please visit my profile. Share any pictures you have & i will love to comment on them, I do take AMV's requsts & drawings please come visit me. ???? ????
    Jan 9

  • Shante School Sucks
    Jun 11