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  • Anthony Joseph Suson I have decided, I'm going to watch Nanatsu no Taizai through to the end. There is something I need to know about those Demons from 10 Commandments.
    Nov 24

  • faded star hello people
    Nov 16

  • sky hey
    Nov 28

  • ♆ ʟʊƈɨʄɛʀ ♆ Shoot, it sure is quiet around here.
    Jul 20

  • Azrael HELLOOO :D I haven't been here in a while ^^
    Nov 27

  • Dani ~~owaaa it's been such a long time since I was last here. Is anyone from the old site still around??
    Nov 22

  • Mask Renegade a little something for a friend
    Jul 23