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  • Baka Yandere did that person know he or she have split personality ? *my brain at night*
    September 23
  • vibhaw geass start a war in comment section with just one comment
    July 30
  • neko-saukra-san whats up
    July 14
  • WordsSpeakForThemselves^^ i feel like hentai is going to drop down!
    September 24
  • lulu-strong how many people got cousin that is so annoying and sister payer for me with them please because they miss with me again they is getting hurt by me please payer for them :-X
    September 22
  • Hyouka氷菓 A Programmer is sitting on a bench smoking a pack of cigarettes. A guy comes up to him and says, "how can you smoke? Can't you see the warnings written all over the pack?" The programmer says, "Nah, I only care about errors..
    September 24
  • Wisepervert Off to do some "research."
    September 21