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  • Otame Any Anime or manga recommendations?? 。゚(TヮT)゚。
    November 17
  • Kirisaki Kazuto man,right now i feel like wanting to express myself with music instruments also
    August 10
  • BakaBoy *feels a strong wind go through WoA and looks around, getting a heavy nosebleed* Good day. eue
    13 hours ago
  • Raven Heart (Shadow Queen) You'll never takes us alive We swore that death will do us part They'll call our crimes a work of art You'll never takes us alive We'll live like spoiled royalty, lovers and partners Partners in crime Partners in crime This, the tale of, reckless love Living a life of crime on the run I brush to a gun to paint these states Green and red Everybody freeze Nobody move Put the money in the bag Or we will shoot Empty out the vault And me and my doll will be on our way Our paper faces flood the streets And if the heat comes close enough to burn Then we'll play with fire 'cause
    July 28
  • Bunanna My favorite anime reboot started a few weeks ago and I am really happy right now. -^_^-
    November 13
  • Malacai When an opportunity drops itself in front of you. Take it & regret nothing~~
    November 19
  • Eby
  • -w-