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  • Hinoki being nothing to everybody is like being a ghost, but you're watching anime...i mean, that's my life xD
    Jun 23

  • veronica Having an older sister is basically that she gets tired of stuff and gives them to you... then later comes and take them back because she need stuff for a yardsale and it is her stuff that she never gave you
    8 hours ago

  • Mikashi Yay finally home! Glad to be off work! xD
    October 17, 2017

  • Brandon My page has literally became like my actual life people look at it and don't say anything xD....
    Apr 13

  • Anna H. I have read articles claiming that newsletters are better than social media sites because their algorithms are constantly changing. This means less subscribers/followers on social media are seeing our content. Therefore, I am in the middle of learning more about building a newsletter.
    Apr 30