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  • willie i feel a little disappointed at my friends reaction on discord when i told them about my relationship ( been friends with them for a year or so) thought maybe they would be more supportive
    Wed at 4:24 PM
  • Caryn Fox There is a very thin line between achievement and failure and stepping into the last one is due to the fact that we slowly fall into the comfort zone's patterns and it is so subtle that we're not even aware that our little self-indulgence is gonna bring us down. Don't treat yourself until you're not capable to keep momentum.
    Tue at 8:59 AM
  • Deni Riviera drops of jupiter by train.......  *melts*
    February 14
  • Kris Working after just having wisdom teeth taken out SUCKS beyond belief. Thank the good lord Cthulhu for Vicodin.
    Tue at 4:52 PM
  • Yuno Gasai Romance My profile went through a big update, like it or not, I'm happy with it. Goodnight~
    February 13
  • 우사기 ♡ Ugh I need my phone its been 2 weeks no phone I'm dead ... I need my BTS back I miss my jimin (on my phone I have BTS stuff and updates and Instagram's ) but still I'm so bored.
    January 30
  • Mr.Biscuit Game or Anime??
    February 18
  • 「Goddess♡」 I need this new Gorillaz album to come out n o w.
    10 hours ago