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  • Natsu Dragneel i am neither above nor below someone (humble spirit & childlike heart) ????
    Fri at 11:27 AM

  • Tyler I'd like to get back to showing some appreciation to shows I love. One of the earliest shows I watched when I got into anime, Kanon (2006) was so much to me. Please give it a watch if you like supernatural, romance, or drama. It's got all of those in spades!
    Sep 9

  • Ed! The Alchemist! I am going to post this for the Zelda fans out there!. That I am currently working very hard on a Big Legend of Zelda sequel movie to the original Return to the lands film!. If anyone has seen it. The Zelda movie coming will take place three years later from Breath of the Wild!.And will be the final chapter in the Zelda Trilogy. Plus it shall be better than the original Return to the lands!. The coming Zelda movie wont be out until 2021! but look for the trailer in some months!. The title of this Zelda movie will be The Legend of Zelda: A Breath between worlds. Thanks
    July 22, 2019

  • shadow wolf I wish I could talk to my old friends on here again
    Sep 9

  • NYU

  • llama. :3
    Oct 17

  • Raiden Let me delete my account, please...
    Sep 26