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  • AngelicWarrior Me: *runs out of ideas* Me: *thinks of something random* Me: *thinks of Mortal Kombat* Me: .... Me: *sucks at Mortal Kombat* Me: *sees a freaking stranger disturbing his game online* Me: ......................*gives a dead look at him for disturbing his game* *stranger logs the heck out* Me: *in his conscience: .............*
    Feb 3

  • Anesthasia Chi Sho Thank you all for greeting me on my Happy Birthday ????
    September 21, 2019

  • Rhiana Ok if youre on a tour somewhere and the tour guide person doesnt say anything they just walk quickly through the buildings ending the tour quickly, wouldnt you be confused about where everything was and where you were supposed to go?
    43 minutes ago

  • Vashist Is it possible to compose a message to someone who is not your friend/ not accepted the friend request yet?
    2 hours ago

  • Deku (clay) I won’t be here much longer guys I’ll be going go live with my dad and I won’t have a device to be on
    Tue at 4:40 PM