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  • 101

    Sao and ggo rp

    this roleplay consists of ggo and sao you can be any chracter unless if they are taken rules no being op dont attack people at random and...  more
    led by sinon

  • 106

    Writers' Guild (Role-Play Group)

    This is a role-play group for those who have experience writing that wish to express their skills with a group of their peers. You can make a whole new roel-play with two OCs, do a role-play with an existing character and your OC, or simply do a...  more
    led by BakaBoy

  • 111

    The Five Elements Sword School

    In this world Humans, Elves, Devils and Beast-mans lives together using magic in their every day lifes, there is a school were students learn to fuse magic and weapon skill together to better themselves and to protect others. Make your own character ...  more
    led by BassGuitarDan

  • 411

    Anime cafe

    anime characters serve you
    led by Walker Parker

  • 613

    Creepypasta Rp!

    Jeff The Killer:Ultra instinct sign Goku
    Jane The Killer:Kady Siren [single]
    Sally:Darkness...  more
    led by Neko Yami~Mio!(shikuro neko)

  • 306

    Fairy Tale RP

    It's just a group for role playing the anime fairy tale.
    I neko Takifu~chan am juvia.
    led by Neko Yami~Mio!(shikuro neko)

  • 507

    Love Love Kawii Kitten~

    Come to our kawii cafe.
    Eat our sweets, and meet our sweet neko maids!
    led by Neko Yami~Mio!(shikuro neko)

  • 275

    Mecha Land RP

    Mecha Land Robot Factory
    led by PepperCAT

  • 190

    Hacker AU

    Doesn't matter what fandom you're into, just don't get caught at the fire wall.
    led by Emiko Hijiri

  • 206

    The Infinite Dream

    The Infinite dream, an infinite expansion of dreams and stories. Birthed in the deepest vestiges of "Imaginary Space" The dream is isolated from All manner of other conceptualized existences. Therefore stands on its own as a separate Infinitely expanding...  more
    led by Noya.