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    we are here to bring back No Game No Life back to it's former glory once and for all, in time for No Game No Life's first movie release
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    In French, it means the "pleasure house". For those who wish to unwind and share their titillation with others. Whether it is provocative imagery, novel or even RP. It exists because we're all human with mixed thoughts. And that is not a bad thing and mor...  more
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    Hi this is a group for people who talks about pretty much everything to anime sempai dating all of that
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    This is a place where you can share your thoughts, all types of Philosophy is fine

    Post your thoughts, your feelings...debate and discuss.
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    Basically create whatever type of character you'd like & post the info about the character along with a pic! :D

    There's not much rules but the only ones I do have are nothing too gross, or sexual. I'm okay with a little bit of both here & there bu...  more
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    Hi Im Anime Crusher and im trying to find people from Woa before the deleted the whole site and aired it differently
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    Hi~ join the woa family
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    This group is meant to be the meeting place for dutch woa members. so we could for example meet in real life
  • Try to enlighten your everyday idea's and how u love to do awesome things :):):P;):D