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    This group is for fans of the long running series presented by Naughty Dog, Uncharted!
    You can post cool and funny pics from previous games, various soundtracks or news about the new game coming out!
    Hope you enjoy~!!

    (A giant fan of the series myself!)
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    ( sorry couldnt think of what to call it )

    this is a place to where if your depressed sad lonely to just come here and me and others will try and help you get to feel better
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    the place where you want to talk about anime you love and why
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    Picture this I have no friends no family and no soul try to make me happy
  • "Itty Bitty Titty Committee"
    Where the small and slender derive. The foundation of a nation for the petite. While the large may be the pedestal of today, the small will be the pinnacle of tomorrow. Lolis and Shotas alike are welcome as well as those who a...  more
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    Join the dark side group and shows your darkness
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    VAMPS join in now for we shall rise
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    for fans of hip hop, there will be discussions of hip hop and shit.
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    We come here to talk anime, collaborate on theories, discuss our dreams, and support one another