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    wElCoMe !!!
    Yo. U so called "SPAMMERS"
    Am i supposed to explain whatchu supposed to do here ?
    SPAMMM !!! xD enjoy !! :)
    Also ure free to R.P as well !
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    this group is for the anime freaks out there in this group you can talk about any anime that you want, shire art talk about video games, cosplay and you can making friends in the process with those who share your love for anime like me and if not you can ...  more
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    This group is a place where you can ship anime and not get judged, and if your into it you can talk about Intercorse anime or if you wished that happened. (LGBT) Don't Judge Plz.
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    every day millions of dildos are abused........

    imagine being stuck inside a man's ass for days.......
    ...  more
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    This is a place for all kinds of people the elfs are a superior species in this cabin please pay attention to how you treat others and give respect to all and enjoy!
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    ~~~~~~ to come, yo ~~~~~~
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    Best match moments of Kuroko no basket from the beginning
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    The team behind the up upcoming manga Kami no Chikai (Divine Oath)
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    ~they deserve love just like any anime girls~
    ~post all your monster girl have~
    ~Normal, Hentai and Ecchi~
    ~ Manga and Anime~