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    ((The Gladiator Project))

    With the driving effort to create a new breed of superhumans...the gladiator project was formed...A secret underground project, which uses children for experiments in order to activate the limit breakers that lie within humanity...  more
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    Hiii Guys Welcome To Dragon Blader's
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    4147 N.E. (New Era)

    The world has progressed into a new age of unparalleled scientific advanced, the awareness of the supernatural and the existence of races far beyond Human understand. The space ways became open to us, We stretched out hands into the c...  more
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    Anyone can join
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    Idk just post pics of the moon or poems about it. And just have fun ouo
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    The beauty of anime art is a marvelous wonder of creation.
    Explore unique art styles of Anime , Manga , Manwha , Manhua and other variety of comics.
    Rules :
    ● No Gore, Ecchi , or hentai is allowed in this group. If you do post any , you'll get warned t...  more
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    last fan club
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    title is visable
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    read title