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    New Game!

    led by Riolu

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    CSS Writers

    This is a group for any talented people willing to help other style their profile and for people to request the creation of such styling.

    Everyone is welcome to join in and ask away. If u happen to be interested in writing CSS for others let me know so...  more
    led by Aqua

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    Yaoi Fandom

    A place where you can find new yaoi to watch/read.
    Share and talk about your favorites and your ships.
    *This is a place where you can talk about yaoi without being judged
    led by Andy

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    Respek anime Wahmen

    This is a group where we all must respect and admire anime women... there is ony one rule we all must follow and that is to repect anime women!
    led by Ace

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    led by Riolu