This groups is for all music lovers :)

if you're a great worshipper of music and enjoy every beat,then this group is for you! People who love all types of music are welcome,may it be Hip Hop,Rock,International etc. Feel free to post your fave songs here and to join in discussions.Everyone's welcome here :)

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Oh this song is so unique <3
amazing beats :33333
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Love this song :3

i used to listen to this song on the radio like everyday and fell in love with it *_*
but never knew who sang it D:
....Though i discovered it yesterday night :) can totally relate to it :D

"Isolation...is not good for me.."
SO TRUE!! X333


Sweet~ =^_^=
though quite sad too... TT^TT

I'm a new found fan of their music...got their new album for Christmas!
aww,that's sweet :D
well i haven't heard that many songs by them but i really love this one.The lyrics are very beautiful :3

For sure...Honey is a good song too.
Jyii~ yep yep :D