for all those gorgeous maths haters :)

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i suck at logs!!! =[

learning quadratics are HARD!

We are tied with the "I LOVE MATHS" group XD

OMG!! i'll make my bro join in...and maybe others too :)
Yes, we should make a forum saying : "All Hail Math Haters!"
yeah!! we rule!!
Of course, As much as I hate Math, I have to learn it >.<
me too! my teacher says that i'm improving but at that same time i need a lot of practice--now what the heck does it mean?
I have no clue xD
I'm doing "well" in Math, yet, I'm getting B- Or C- xD
Ahh, damn it >.<

atleast it's not F-
the first time you get it,the tradition continues on-i'm trying to improve my bit of maths that's why.

Lol, yeah, I at least need to improve my math skills D:
everybody here must i suppose :D
But still, I will forever hate math.
Me too! no matter if i'd ever get a masters degree for it!><"
it's funny...my tution teacher used to suck at maths but now she has a degree in maths honours :p
it sucks a lot in India cause almost everyone is so good at maths-and if you suck really bad(like me)-you'd probably be tagged as "DUNCE"

Woow xD
I like masters degree, But I won't be able to work for it xD

me too! LOL.
maybe we can get MA for BEST ANIME LOVERS!

Yeah!! xD

ugh! grade ten math is the HARDEST EVER!

Lol, I know <.<
that has left me scared!!

i know that we have many maths haters here :D