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    For hind desh ke who want I think so
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    Anime Scrubs Podcast is a non-profit podcast about anime, be it currently airing or already finished. We do reviews, thoughts/impressions, and random topics, and most of all we like to harass each other for the fun of it.
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    We are here to eliminate others and rp
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    This group is about my mascot Paris ;33 and roleplaying
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    This group is only for my family and for my Master
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    Just something I did so we could rp. If it takes off, I'll make it better.
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    A group for us nekos -w-
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    Help please with self-made characters with personal status,power,and species ( image needed no matter how ugly it is it will be improved ); who knows your characters can e shown in ANIMAX or all over the WORLD if necessary.
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    Because love doesn't follow our preconcieved boxes of what is right or wrong. Love is love~
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    Hey what's up? We are a chill group of anime lovers. The name of our group comes from the name of my guild in Wakfu (online rpg). Let's all have some fun and talk about anime!!