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    join the fun RP style wild dbz adventure
    led by PepperCAT

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    Philosophy in Anime & Gaming

    This is essentially a community blog I (Taylor) made for the sake of venting when I think too hard about what ideas are at work in anime and games, and what those ideas could mean when brought to an extreme.

    I'm just doing this as I go, so please feel...  more
    led by Taylor

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    High School DXD

    For all you Chads who enjoy rich PLOT with your anime.
    led by Wall Might

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    For RWBY Fans

    For anyone who likes talking about RWBY. Also for suggesting and discussing shows like it. Anyone is welcome to join.
    led by Smallish potato

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    The humans whose name is written in this note shall die!
    *Just kidding*
    post the name of the person you hate most and tell me why you hate them, i might just write them in my deathnote!
    led by alysha_senpai

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    anime dude gossip

    talk about your favorite anime characters and why you like them..O.o

    as you may have noticed the group name has two meanings and therefore dudes and girls can join xD
    led by alysha_senpai

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    The Five Elements Sword School

    In this world Humans, Elves, Devils and Beast-mans lives together using magic in their every day lifes, there is a school were students learn to fuse magic and weapon skill together to better themselves and to protect others.

    Make your own...  more
    led by BassGuitarDan

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    anime romance and comedyand action

    mainly about romance jokes and action
    led by ariel

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    Tales Kingdoms of Phantasy

    u can share nice story about kingdoms of fantasy on ur fav rpg game,novels,manga n anime.or on fairytails.n u can make RP n dream story here,or make somting idea or share something pict n info
    led by masktiger

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    OMG, Anna! What's Going On?!

    For adults 18 and older, who love reading innovative, informative, educational, and entertaining blogs with Music, Animation, Folklores, plus more!

    Don't be scared to visit and take a tour around my website, It's Not All Gumdrops & Unicorns...  more
    led by Anna H.