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    for creative people, this group is a place for writers and illustrators to meet, share ideas and work together to make their manga/story ideas a reality. ask an artist if they would like to help illustrate your idea or for a writer to provide a story for ...  more
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    i got nothing
  • BTS

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    Just a chat group for army that loves BTS!
    1. Please be respectful.
    2. Please don't argue....  more
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    Off of a game that was started by splatoon a game that you shoot and kill the inklings from the other color I present splatoon
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    This club is for fans of the legend of zelda nintendo game series
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    Join and be happy, for in overlord we live a violent life.......ALSO there are a lot of rules, but all rules must be broken. The rules are :
    1.There are no rules
    2.There is no such thing as rule no.2 when there are no rules.
    3.All can do anything here. It...  more
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    For all those who are good fans of the film !
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    anime characters serve you
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    we are the new world order