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leaving cave scope

  • January 9, 2020 9:11 PM EST

    The unmanned machine silently has no an interest of close to lie on the Yan on the ground to fly, lay equal stress on to lately land in the ground.The condition of the injury that the Yan flies has already biggest got to alleviate under the function of black ball mysterious energy and own certain activity ability.His hand and foot counteracts and use a strength with all strength, just finally climbed into an unmanned machine cockpit.
        After waiting until Yan to fly into into unmanned machine passenger compartment, cockpit hatch close, unmanned machine again take-off, suspend at Be 200 meters apart from the ground of Gao Kong.Arrive this time, the Yan flies just re- feel a sense of security.Just because unmanned machine one side plane wing disappear of reason, the unmanned machine has already lost mobile and vivid, can not be like again so as one pleases before so of flight.This Huo mountain real strenght is strong, once defeating a maple leaf, again know because the Yan flies of reason, make his religious section is demolished if demolishes, say to prohibit him and then will go to China and thoroughly polish off Yan to fly.That time, the Yan flies will difficult escape a to die.
        But there is a maple leaf blocking here now at most before, the Yan flies to choose to cooperate with segment maple leaf, positive two squareses cooperate to exterminate the best opportune moment of Huo mountain together and otherwise wait until Huo mountain to succeed in escaping, and the Yan flies and then is fraught with grim possibilities.Even if he exterminated in addition to Huo mountain outside of havings Sa Xin Pai member, also have no a Huo mountain to his threat to get big.So for the sake of the self-preservation, the Yan flies to just have no and then leave here like this, he has to polish off Huo mountain here.
        Segment the maple leaf and Huo mountain arouse a war in the cave of city entrance in the mountain in spreading a violent explosion voice, don't know 2 people as well are how to attains.Suddenly, the Yan flies to hear astounding one to ring, the large entrance to cave of that entrance incredibly occurrence collapse to fall, a great deal of rock rolls to drop down and stops up completely this cave completely.But collapse to fall along with this cave, all of the whole Tashan is to a burst ofly move mountain to shake, Plantation shutters seem to be the earthquake of taking place the high strength.
        After cave collapses to fall, segment the maple leaf and Huo mountain arouse a war of voice together disappear.But anxious at everyone, don't know whether the person of inside is safe, who win, who fail of time .Hear one give a long whistle, 2 people are from the small scaled cave beside the entrance in flew out.Just two bodies ascending is all sediment everywhere and look matchless distress.On leaving cave scope, 2 people let go of the hand that the Wu lives his/her own nose and start the breath fresh air of big.
        Originally 2 people after getting into cave discover cave in was full of deadly poison poisonous gas, however they have never put this poisonous gas is in the mind, but hold breath, continue to fight in the cave, the strong power incredibly beats a cave collapse to fall.After cave collapses to fall, two talented persons discover that poisonous gas it's very severe, is that they also arrive to can not hold up against, hence is distress to withdraw a cave.
        Wait until to adjust own very of breath, 2 people again the war is together.Suddenly, segment the maple leaf is stuffy to hum a , rapid retreat, the body appears a sand dune outside 100 meters all of a sudden up.His belly is fresh bloody, the bowel sons all exposed out, originally he at and finally suffered from severely wounded in the combat of Huo mountain.
        However that Huo mountain isn't pleasurable either, Plantation shutters he is previous to suffer from severely wounded for the body, pluses a quilt segment the maple leaf make a surprise attack and add wound on the wound, although made use of uncanny ability to resume strong fighting strength afterwards, even returned severely wounded segment maple leaf.But oneself again gets hurt, the chest again appears a hole and peeps out the internal organs of inside around around unclearly, the whole individual looks weak matchless.