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R.I.P. Maurice Sendak

R.I.P. Maurice Sendak, 1928-2012

Blogs should be fixed now

Ok everyone, there was a problem with the blogs for most of the day today.  It was a bug with a release I did of the code last night.

The problem should be fixed now, so hopefully you can post blogs again.

Something Weird with Blogs

Something really weird is going on with the blogs.  I think I know what the problem is, and I will fix it tonight.

What Makes World of Anime Different

I've been meaning to get this out for awhile now.  Please excuse any sappiness that ensues.  I have a lot of emotional attachment to this site.

The thing that I think sets this site apart is that I have completely built the code and the database and the infrastructure with the goal from the very beginning being to build a site strictly for fans of anime, manga, and video games.  The work that has gone into creating this site has easily consumed thousands of hours of my life, and I hope that the love I have for it shows in the product.  I knew right from the beginning that if I was going to build something that anime fans would love, it would have to be different from anything that's already out there.

I have looked at other anime social networks, and mine seems to be one of the only ones built from scratch.  Almost all of the other ones seem to be running on either a pre-built software package or a generic social networking platform.  That's great for getting a site up fast, but you're restricted in only doing things the way the software is made to work.  And the sites usually wind up just being clones of other sites.  This site is different because everything is completely custom.  Things aren't done a certain way because that's the way the software package we're using works, its done because that's how I built it and I can change it or customize anything any way I want.

Also, while I do come up with many of the ideas for features and how I think they should work, I always listen to user input on what they think the site needs, how it should work, and what isn't working.  You can always use the Contact Us link at the top to send me feedback, and many of the features or tweaks on the site I have added specifically because a user has contacted me and let me know something they would like.

Because of all these factors, this site isn't a clone of any other site.  Everything is the way it is on this site because either I thought that's how something should work, it's how I would like it to work on a site I am using, someone suggested it should work that way, or I just haven't thought of a better way to do it yet.  Again, please contact me and let me know how anything could be made better.

Although it requires more patience as a user, I believe the benefits of being a member of this site will pay out in the long run.  This site is a constant work in progress, and I am building features that are very specifically targeted to the anime/manga/video game fan.  And there is a lot of stuff that is "in development" right now, that you won't see until it is finished.  And there is a lot of stuff in my head to do once the stuff that is in development gets done.  In short, there is still a whole lot more to come and it gets me excited to be able to bring these new things to you and see people using what I have built.

I'll be honest, I have seen some comments go by on this site from people saying things like "there's not many people here", or "it's boring here", or "why isn't there anyone in chat?", or other such comments.  Although I try to not let it affect me emotionally, it still does a little.  I can understand from a user's perspecitive that you just want to come to a site and have it jam packed with millions of users all clicking away on things all day, and I would love that too, but it takes a lot of time and effort.  I still hold on to the belief that this site will become the biggest and best anime social networking site around, and I hope everyone who is already here stays here and takes part in helping to achieve that goal.  And to all the new people who find the site and join, I hope this post gives you an idea of why the site is the way it is, and I hope that you stay along for the ride, too.

Buttermilk - it makes a body bitter.

Pokemon Bread Anyone want some Pokemon bread?

Off to AWA!

I'm off to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta)!  3 days of pure anime goodness!

How I feel about child leashes

I posted this on another forum I'm on with the topic being "Most horrendous inventions", and I figured I would post the same thing here.  Child leashes are one of the few things in life that truly make me sick to my stomach to see.

Wikipedia defines a leash as:

"A leash or a lead or lead line is a rope or similar material attached to the neck or head of an animal for restraint or control."

To me, there is nothing more wonderful in life than freedom, independence, and individuality. The freedom that comes from being your own person. Restraint and control are pretty much as opposite from freedom as you can get.

It's dehumanizing to force another person, no matter what age, to be led around on a leash. Not only that, but it teaches the kid that they don't really have any control over their own lives, and that they should just give in and go where they are led. Parents may think the kid is too young to get any sense of that, but I think that the toddler age is precisely when kids are most open to absorbing what is taught to them through actions, both positive and negative. The kid won't consciously know that they are learning control and submissiveness, and the master/slave relationship, but they are learning it. And learning it uncounsciously is much more dangerous and harmful to the child, because it will just seem like its right and normal to them.

It's a parents job to raise their kids by providing them with an education (yes, that is the parents job not the schools job), instilling in them a desire to learn and explore and create, a sense of curiosity and imagination and wonder at life, and giving them confidence to believe in themselves and that they are truly individual people and can only be held down by barriers in life that they put up for themselves.

A parent who puts their kid on a leash is saying, "You are not owned by yourself, you are owned by me and will do what I want you to, and don't forget it. Nothing to see over there, just come (tug) THIS WAY!"

To these parents, they may look at it as just a physical leash, but I see it as a symbolic leash. It symbolizes their desire for restraint and control over their kid, and their belief that their kid is property to be used with in whatever manner they see fit.

New Pledge of Allegiance

Pretty Sammy

If this works, you should see a YouTube video below:

Explanation of Anime Answers

Some of you have been wondering what the point of Anime Answers is, when there already is a forum.  Let me try to explain - part of it will make more sense later.

I've been working a long time on a new feature for the site called "Anime Groups".  This is going to be a place where users can create and join groups that are targeted specifically for fans with a common interest - such as "Show X", or "Character Y", or "Culture Z", or really anything you can possibly think of.

These groups are going to be like individual profiles, except only members of the group can participate.  They will have their own wall and image gallery and other things that don't exist yet - like fan art and fan fiction.  One of the things I wanted to have on Groups was an "Answers" section, such as like is on  This would be where members in the specific group can ask detailed questions about the group's topic, knowing that people who are reading the questions also have an interest in that topic.

So I have built the Answers section for Groups, and then realized I could also add this onto the main site for a generic "Anime Answers" feature, so you don't have to be a member of a group to use it.  It's like if you go to, and click on "Entertainment & Music", then "Comics & Animation"  There people ask questions like "What episode did <situation X> happen on show <show Y>?", and "I like <show X> and <show Y>, what else do you think I would like?", and "Why does everyone seem to like <show X>? I thought it sucked!"  I was expecting it to be used like that.

But in the not too distant future, we will have Anime Groups, and each group will have an Answers section specific for it, and hopefully when that happens its purpose becomes a little more clear.

Or maybe not - this is all experimentation on my part.  If it doesn't work then it doesn't work, but I think it will.

New Years Resolution

Hi everyone, welcome to 2011!  Does anyone have any New Years resolutions they'd like to share?

Mine is related to this web site, World of Anime.  I'm dedicating myself to working on making World of Anime the best and most fun web site for anime fans to be.

Thanks to everyone who joined or has participated in the site in 2010.  I truly appreciate the effort people are taking on making the site a useful and enjoyable place.  I have lots of new additions and features planned, so look for lots more great stuff from World of Anime in 2011!