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Posted by YumiHayashi on Aug 07, 2010 8:52 AM
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I like this site. It does need some work, but it's not that bad. I used to have an anime site too. I made it with ning.. it was really nice.. but no one would use it.. They would join and then forget about it. So I decided to just join the networks and stop trying to make them


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I'm glad you like the site. I spent most of the last half of 2009 creating it (completely custom programmed).

Ever since I've completed it, I've been extremely busy with work and other things in my life, so I haven't had the time to help build the community up. I was kind of hoping it would build itself up but it has been pretty slow, but the last couple of weeks seems to be picking up a good bit.

Everyone can help by promoting the site to their friends who like anime. I will hopefully have some more time shortly to work on new features and enhance the site even more, but I need all the help I can with promotion and getting others to join and use it.
Oh okay. One thing that you really need is notifications. I had no clue that you replied to that comment until several months later.
I mean replied to my blog post