Something I Just Thought About While in Class

  • So I was in my research class and while I was dozing off an idea popped in my mind. Actually this idea was the reason why I found World of Anime in the first place. 

    I'm thinking of a roleplay I guess you could call it. Except that there'll be clans and these clans may either be against each other or on friendly terms. Of course the different clans will have their own separate threads and will mostly interact. But they can also interact with other people in the clan through a separate thread that may be a general thread. To give an example would be in real life situation when you're out with your friends of the same "group" and you see people from another group. It's either you can talk to them to make friends or to make war. As I said earlier that some clans may be at war and interaction in a friendly manner with clans who are opposing may brought forth persecution. 

    There's also an option where you can make friends with opposing clans but of course you have to be discreet about it so then you can go and use the private message. And if found out, you will be set for some anger from the clans depending on how you can actually negotiate with each clans.

    Then there will also be annual activities where all the clans can compete. And competetion would mean blood will rise sky high. Then there are monthly or daily activities each clan can participate. Then there will also be activities where only the members of the same clan can participate. 

    Basically it's a whole new world. 

    It's just a random thought though and I just wanna breathe it out. Hahaha