Little black bird

  • Once upon a time... There was a little bird, at the birth it fell in the black river, turning black, unable to wash away the color, it got abandoned. It couldn't fly, no matter how hard it tried. It looked as everyone else spread their wings, high up on the sky as faded away, leaving it behind. But one day, a miracle happened and the bird could finally fly, so it flew high up, spreading it's wings on the clear blue sky... Free, happier than could be. It loved flying so much that it never landed down, only flew higher and higher... Until got blinded by the sun, losing it's balance and fell back from the clouds towards the ground as there was a loud shot. The little black bird fell, blinded down on the ground, lying still unable to reach the sky again as it's pretty black wings turn to red... Rose pedals fall as snow, as tears crying for the bird, blooming big and beautifully red, surrounding their thorns to protect and leaves to hide the little black bird from the sight of danger. Days passed, as the bird stays unable to move, breathing but completely dead, suffering as can never reach or see the sky again... Since reached too high.

    A beautiful voice reach the bird's ears, as asking it to answer, so it sings it's sorrow, begging the voice to find it. As it gets quiet again, the little bird believes it was left alone once again, helpless on the ground, in it's suffering, until gentle hands reach out to pick it up. Soft hands of a human so sweet, a voice like a melody... And first time, it believes it will be alright, it could rest it's wings. The bird gets carried away from the roses, to where the human has it's nest. The gentle hands treat it's wounds, as sing a song for it, beautifully, calming telling it'll be okay. The bird found it's happiness again in the voice so sweet, singing to reply. It sing so happy even though lost it's sight and wings, because the voice will always reply to it. As this continues, it's wings heals, without pain any longer. But yet, it can't fly.

    One morning as it can hear first time another bird sing and feel the warmth of the sun, the voice disappeared. No matter how much it sang, the sweet tone never replied to it again... It was once again in the mercy of the world. And it was cornered, caged in a little cage, just to sing, as the more it sang, the more it lost the joy of the voice as the sweet tone never came back to rescue it from the darkness. It had lost it all. The eyes, wings and voice, the freedom of it's own. As winter came, it couldn't eat, escape the cold, just lie in the pure white snow as the snowflakes gently fell on it. It breathed it's last breaths, freezing to death. And it changed it's shape to a pretty girl with scattered wings and halo high up, losing it's light as it breath the very last breath, closing it's blinded eyes, seeing the light in the dark knowing it can finally rest, as become one with the pure white snow, returning where it came from.


    - A story of an fallen angel. Short version of my own imagined old story. The original I made is much longer and better written, more pretty and emotionally deep, so this is just the surface ot mostly, shortened one. This story got hidden messages if you're able to see them.