• “Tick Tock Tick Tock”


    There it is again. The clock from nowhere. I’ve heard the clock since I was young. Sometimes in other people, and when they noticed I heard it as well they would cry. I never knew why they cried, but I think I understand.


    In the beginning it seemed like it came from the clocks on my walls. Ticking. Ticking. Ticking. Driving me mad, and making me want to scream. Then one day I got up and removed every clock in my house that made a ticking sound. The digital clock in my room stayed, being quiet as a mouse, other than when the 8 am alarm sounded.


    It got rid of the sound for a while, but now, at the age of 41, I can hear it. I hear it everywhere. No matter where I go it is inescapable. I went into my living room and sat down, resting my hand under my chin. I could feel the thumping of my heartbeat against my arm, but then I heard a click. A click that sounded like something shifted. It sounded like the click of when a clock moved to the next minute. A clock?


    “Tick tock tick tock, click” Again it went. There is a clock ticking inside me.


    “Tick tock tick tock, click” I wanted to scream and run, to find out what was happening.

    “Tick… tock… tick… tock… CLICK”Everything stopped. The silence was so lovely, but then my body grew heavy and I fell. Looking up at the ceiling as everything grew dim. There was no sound of a clock just a neighbor running in calling out to me as everything went black. Then suddenly I was sitting in a white waiting room.

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