The Room

  • I sat in a small white room. Unseemingly cramped even though I sat alone. I wanted to stand to see what was beyond the white, double-doors across the room but my body would not listen to my demands. As I sat in the room, looking around, noticing all the detailed indentions on the wall it reminded me of a hospital. A waiting room people sat in as they worried for someone who was sick, and right about the time I looked over to a table someone came through those white, double-doors. It was a tall man, looking to be into his thirties with a stout frame but a soft look on his face. He urged me to follow him through the doors and suddenly I was able to stand. I looked around the small room once more and followed him into a hallway. The walls matched the waiting room in design but the colors seemed to become more dingy as we progressed down the hallway. Once the walls became brown in color there was another set of doors. The stout man turned to me with a slight nod and opened the door ushering me in. The first thing I noticed was a table with someone laying on it covered by a sheet.


    Someone had died. I don’t remember being told someone had died. Was I to identify the body? When the man had walked up to the table and gripped the top of the sheet I decided that is what I was there for. When he finally ripped back the sheet I saw…..


    I saw myself.


    The man let go of the sheet and looked up at me. “Welcome to the afterlife, Claire,” the man said.


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    - Really nice tale~ The narration was spot on and I liked how towards the end, the reader got to know the story from a different perspective. There's something so sad, mysterious and mournful about hospitals so the setting is perfect. If this is your work,...  more
    February 20, 2016
  • Kade
    Kade Holy shit Thank you! It is my writing so I'm glad you liked it
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    - Anytime. Would like to read more of your work. ~
    February 21, 2016
  • Ashurii
    Ashurii Claire Why!? WHY CLAIRE!?
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