The Day of days.

  • Woke up feeling pretty chill tbh, Though i had left over pasta which is all hard and not very "Chewy" Shivers and I fucking bumped my little toe against my door!!! fuck! the kinda of pain this little toe can make you experience??! like wtf?! Sigh ANYWAY! set a course for the day!


    So, Today is a pretty big day for several reasons;

    1. I'm offically moving out of my student accomodation and going back home to my original apartment, I had actually planned Not to go back due to personal reasons but i figured fuck it, I need a place to start and what better way to start then there right?

    2. Today is the day I offically decide to return to the martial arts scene. I've been out of it for so long, like almost 2 years of very VERY inconsistent training, I could put the excuse saying that it was university and just overal grief i was dealing with but that shouldn't have stopped me and recently i recieved a reality check that i can't sit around and just wait. Tbh i don't even have a goal, i think it's just me wanting to get out of this mindset, this mental cage i've set up for myself where i'm looking for something but doesn't exactly know what i want. I want to help people and also be the best I can be to at least show that it isn't impossible to climb out from the holes we're buried in. So I'm going to returning to the temple that is by body and conditioning my mind once again thoroughly, Okay no conditioning it but "Freeing" it, yeah that's the right word. 

    3. I realized my wolf teddy has a wife back at home XDD i didn't even know i had another stuffed animal LOL I guess i might create a family soon. (Don't fucking judge me -_-.....Infact fuck it! T_T go ahead! I deserved to be judged!)

    4. It's my older sister's birthday, so i'll be at the cemetary for a good few hours, to update the sissy on how life has been, to think she would have turned thirty XD weird, I have these Malas (Prayer beads) that I forgot to put on her grave the last time i visited, I guess i'll put them on now otherwise i'll forget lol and! I also have to tell that I forgot to change her son's birthday on his gravestone *Facepalms* I don't know how i fucked that up, but wherever they are? He's probably already snitched me -_- Lol i went there and i noticed it said October 7th, when his birthday was october 10th XD I'm such a shit uncle, even after death i still forget his birthday hahahah

    5. I GOT MY CINTIQ!!!!! (shut up! it's big for me okay?! T_T let me have my joyous moment!) I've had this shitty old tablet like 2 years. I don't even know what fucking brand it is but whatever -_- i can finally draw without any hindrance and grew shoulder pains, I was always in an uncomfortable position whenever i used that >.> 

    6. I've actually forgotten the other reasons as to why today is big XD Shit just left my mind but it's the start of a new "Now" better make this shit count. 


    "Let go your earthly tether. Enter the void. Empty and become wind." - Guru Laghima (Avatar the legend of korra)



    "With no greed, no deceit,
    no thirst, no hypocrisy -- 
    delusion and blemishes
    blown away --
    with no inclinations for all the world,
    every world,
    wander alone
    like a rhinoceros." - Khaggavisana Sutta


    I won't be on much, except for roleplaying. At times i don't even know why i came back XD Like seriously I question it all the time, not that the site is bad, it's just....I forgot why i decided to come back XD but yes! I'll only be on for rp, so if you wanna reach me? either "Kik" me or Discord me!



    "At the base of all things, Innfinity, time and space. They all act as extensions of the mind, The will. For imagination? consciousness drives all"


    "In that moment. I realized i was not separate from the whole but one with with it"



    BYE GUYS! TAKE OF YOURSELVES! (or not if you like being in pain -shrugs- up to you)