Aryan (Character)

  • Name: Aryan

    Middle Name: Ratan

    Surname: Eiichiro

    Nicknames: Vritra
    Sun Wukong (Given to him by his sister, due to his love for his wooden staff.)
    Chubby ape
    Goof Ball
    Aratantan (Given by friends)
    The Flying Rat
    Chubby Bunny Dumpling
    Dumpling Blackhole
    Martial arts god.

    Visual Age: 21

    Real age: 167 yrs old

    Date of Birth: 4th November

    Race: Human/Immortal

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5,6

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Eye Color: Dark Brown

    Hair Color: Black

    Likes: Noodles, Rice. Napping, Animals, traveling and Surprises

    Dislikes: Impolite behavior, especially to the elderly. Cruelty. Moths, being disturbed from his naps without valid reasons and Not having food

    Personality: Aryan is a very outgoing and cheerful individual, and is often always ready to help anyone who needs it. He can be EXTREMELY lazy and He is constantly being a goof. He can be clumsy which comes as a shock to anyone who has to seem his combat. Leading people to believe it's just an act. on occasion, he acts like a child and is often seen pulling many faces, such as pouting, puffing his cheeks or just downright being. he initially comes across to be somewhat naive, finding himself interrupting and getting engaged in the middle of fights without knowing the situation. but those who have witnessed him in combat, Liken him to that of a demon.

    (Events mentioned in history do not portray actualization of time period and is merely a fictional re-imagining)

    During the Rise of the Bang dynasty, A Martial arts sect called the Black Heaven school, was chosen to act as the mediator and pillar between the warring thousand Martial arts groups that spread across the imperial Land. This allowed for the formation of the what many call the Thousand Fanged Senate. Consisting of the thousand martial arts schools, that were once warring with each other for rule over the “Murim” (Martial arts world), the Senate became the leading authority and voice of the Murim. Sanctioned by the Zhuangzi Emperor (Fourth emperor of China and longest reigning emperor) They were given free reign to mete out justice to anyone who went against the Fanged Law (Holding the 1,000 laws that govern the murim) along with Imperial Law. As the Murim was considered separate from the normal Imperial rule, Martial artists that existed within the murim were allowed to do whatever they pleased.
    However, one of the schools (The Divine Sun school) had attempted to assassinate the emperor due to a clash of ideologies. This caused the school to not only be disbanded but executed before the emperor and the Senate.

    That same night of the assassination attempt, the leader of the ashen moon sect, Lang Shuwen, fled along with his heavily pregnant wife and Unborn child for being a co-conspirator of the attack. Now a fugitive and with the warrant placed by the emperor to kill on sight, Lang and his wife Xiaoyu had no choice but to leave China. After a mere week, the two had found themselves in Cairo Egypt, a journey that should have taken a few months by foot or even boat, took them a mere week.

    Now having escaped to a land unknown Lang and his wife quickly found themselves taking up residence with a refugee Japanese family, working under the Large Eiichiro clan who had recently (As of that time) taken over Cairo’s trade (Through means unknown) and were rapidly becoming known as a powerful family, both in Japan and Cairo. Weeks would go by and Xiaoyu would be given birth to her firstborn son. Unfortunately, the celebrations for her birth were abruptly put to rest, as the Imperial assassins sent by the emperor had managed to track them. In a last-ditch effort to save his family could Lang went out to confront them, resulting in his death and Xiaoyu, unable to live on without her husband, placed the newborn child in the care of the Refugee family, before heading out and attempting to take on the assassins, also resulting in her death.

    The Eiichiro family, having noticed the unusual amount of Ki the baby possessed would take the boy from the refugees and compensate them greatly, allowing them to live a very wealthy and filled life in exchange for the child. Years would go by and the Eiichiro family would raise the boy as their own, Naming him Aryan ‘Ratan’ Eiichiro. At the age of 7, Aryan began his indoctrination into the Eiichiro family Belief of the Tao and their fighting art “Fist of the heavenly serpent”. Being taught by the eldest grandchild of the head of the Eiichiro clan, Kyoka Eiichiro who would act as his elder sister. Aryan grew extremely dependent upon her, growing extremely close. Eventually, for reasons unknown, the family would go bankrupt and essentially lose all social standing in japan's economy….causing the elder of the clan to send his heirs across the world….Aryan would travel along with the eldest Kyoka, wandering the unknown continents and countries for the next few odd years. Picking up skills and training in various martial arts but never settling in one place.

    Eventually the two would find themselves In India, where they met an old Mystic by the name of Adhi Parv, who had taught them ways of cultivating their Prana (Lifeforce) and sustaining them, giving them great health, highly conditioned bodies...even the point of becoming superhuman, gaining immense strength, speed and durability, by way of sheer mediation and unlocking the Chakra of the mind, removing the natural limiters on their human bodies. Having been under a strict training schedule Adhi Parv then sent them to Korea….where they had to learn Sunmudo, Kong Soo do, Nabong Needle Ryu, Kyokushin Karate, Capoeira and Kung fu, Hung Gar, along with Bagua Kung fu, Bajiquan and many forms of Taekwondo. Of course during this time, getting the bare essentials such as food and places to stay required money and gaining an honest job proved very difficult for Kyoka, as her face was recognizable across most lands.

    Which resorted to prostitution and sometimes drug dealing, Aryan would work as a bodyguard for brothels and a Janitor for bars and toilets….this continued for the next 7 years, whilst training by themselves on the side, keeping up with their meditation in order to not fall into depression or insanity for the life they were living….It wasn’t until the following year, when an estranged Vagabond, with large black puffy hair and a white robe, would enter the brothel where Kyoka worked, having spotted her and for reasons unknown, free’d her along with the other women working at the brothel. He offered to train her, as a means for his own repentance...Not wanting to question any further and worrying for how her younger brother would live, she begged him to train Aryan as well and so the two became his students…..he would teach the ways of “Pure Ki” control, the ways of Inner Ki and outer ki, Hard Ki and soft ki….along with the cultivation techniques to increase the amount of Ki they could produce and strengthen their blows….but Aryan, having taken it one step further had slipped his hand into the Master’s robe and taken out a scroll with told the secrets of gaining immortality through fusing of the spirit and body.

    Of course, not to Aryan’s knowledge, the master had known he’d taken the scroll but did not choose to act….instead, let him to his own devices. Within the span of 8 months, Aryan’s conditioned body improved and fine control over Ki increased tenfold. This also was accompanied by another set of results, which was the realization that Aryan had stopped aging….Kyoka had noticed too but decided not to say anything….they continued wandering for next several years and Kyoka beginning to age considerably, she began to ask Aryan what he had done. He spoke about how he had attained “De Xian” (Earth Immortal or Immortality of the Human body, One without age or illness) through the cultivation of the immortal embryo, (his Ki center) and fusing his spirit with his body...this meant his human body was at peak superhuman condition and he had transcended to become Xian (an Immortal).

    Kyoka at first was horrified and shocked but after analyzing their life, she decided she too wanted to journey the world as an immortal, figuring that it would be the best way to influence whoever and what she needed behind the scenes and to continue traveling the world...and with that? She parted ways with her younger brother….

    150 years had passed and Aryan had become a scholar of many different arts and languages...touring the world as a martial artist, making a name for himself as the Vagabond. But after some time he decided to seek out his masters once again, starting with the man he called “Noya”. (Translation in Korea means teacher) Wishing to learn the final stages of the martial art Noya taught him and also rid him of this immortality but, upon finding Noya’s location, Aryan had encountered voyeurs expressing that Noya had in fact long since left this world….Sent into distraught by this knowledge, with nowhere else to go….Aryan decided to wander once A vagabond would, wishing to rid himself of this immortality. But during his travels, he had heard of a traveling elderly man, who routinely healed the sick and dying....with a cross-shaped scar on his right thigh. This description fit perfectly with the elder of the Eiichiro clan, His grandfather "Yuichi Eiichiro". Upon learning this and shocked, Aryan has set out to search for his grandfather...but whatever unknown adventures and detours he takes along the way? He is unsure...and will simply enjoy the journey

    During his travels, he ended up hearing whispers of one of the great noble families of Jiangsu, rumoring that they were dealing in the occult and cannibalism, however these rumors were only spoken by the minority of people who had been evicted from their homes by the clan, none the less Aryan decided to check it out. He opted to become a carriage driver to a girl who had been proposed as the new bride to the clan head, taking her to the clan estate, Aryan kept his disguise and watched from afar, watching the estate grounds. Whilst watching, Aryan could feel the presence of somebody watching him, though merely a fleeting presence, it was enough to keep him on his toes for a while.

    Hours later, Aryan was found by one of the Escorts of the clan estate, bleeding and severely Injured to the point of near death, He was quickly seen to and treated, however, the severity of the damage was too great and Aryan realized very quickly that he was losing his life. Much of what happened is unknown but Hours later, Aryan is seen deep within a crater, where the clan estate used to be, suggesting that he had destroyed it and the remnants of the clan had all been killed.

    Aryan had fallen unconscious and was caught by his sister, Kyoka, who had made a sudden appearance after the many years she spent looking for him. She had then taken him to her apartment in Xingye Village, where she looked after him and actively tried to search for jobs that would allow her to raise the money she needed to give him treatment. All the while Aryan was unconscious. A few hours later, Aryan would be encounter by a man named Mori Jin who seemed to be an acquaintance of Kyoka's. Now having woken up and meditating, Aryan spoke to him, requesting a spar as he wished to get used to his body once again. The two didn't spar for very long and Aryan would express how he was gravely injured. Confident in his abilities, Mori jin tried to use an unknown, attempting to heal Aryan which would later have the opposite effect and speed up the damage accumulating within Aryan, by this time Kyoka was returning from her Job hunting once more and had been enraged by Mori's decision, as she merely asked him to watch Aryan, not do anything else.

    Kyoka would then go to work for Alphonso, a wanted target for an unknown organization, in hopes of getting enough money to pay for Aryan's treatment. Having Aryan relocated to the facility where she could constantly keep an eye on him, one day the facility was attacked by many who wanted Alphonso's life, Prompting Kyoka's quick reaction she grabbed Aryan along with Alphonso and tried to escape, subsequently having to fend off the pursuers by herself which wouldn't have been much of an issue if she wasn't protecting her brother and working at the same time. Though due to an unforeseen helping hand on the pursuer's side, Alphonso and Aryan were attacked, forcing Kyoka to speed up her fight and go to them, but by the time she arrived, Aryan's condition had gotten worse and he only minutes left to live...Kyoka had not understood this and tried her best to fend off the oncoming pursuers after Alphonso's life but she would suddenly feel All of Aryan's biological functions shut down...Causing her mind to fling itself into despair and darkness, she let out a cry...her body felt weak, as her whole reason for doing what she did had gone out of the window...she decided to leave Alphonso, abandon her job with Aryan lifeless in her arms...

    Currently, Kyoka has been seen captured and being sold at a private Auction to a bunch of unknown aristocrats and Aryan's whereabouts are unknown...


    Physical prowess (All images you will see are taken from the Gosu Manga, I do not claim any rights over any of the images you see. All is under the content creator and Highly suggest you go and check it out)

    He has mastered many forms of martial arts throughout his long life such as Sunmudo, Nabong Needle Ryu, Kyokushin Karate, Capoeira and Kung fu, Hung Gar, along with Bagua Kung fu, Bajiquan, and Taekwondo. not so much for strength but for health and fitness. However before gaining the ability to subconsciously enhance himself with Ki, Aryan possessed peak human condition and he is a prodigious athlete, outclassing even some of the best martial acrobats, able to catch arrows at top speed, swiftly move through trees and take on several opponents at once. He could dent steel with a punch and cause several injuries to anyone with the force of his blows, However. with the knowledge of Ki, continuous training and mediation, he had elevated his strength, speed and agility to Superhuman levels, Entire forests could be leveled, due to the sheer strength he possessed, small mountains were turned to rubble with the force of his blows and he moves as swiftly as air

    Currently his physical attributes have heightened even further, moving at the speed of sound now is an easy feat and one he can achieve casually without strengthening of his Ki. His body is constantly surrounded by a protective wall of ki, adding another layer of skin making him Nigh impervious to arrows and gunfire, this is a passive ability and is regulated by his normal day to day breathing, however during high round combat, he needs to circulate his ki much more in order to strengthen it. He is an extremely powerful combatant, both unarmed and when wielding a weapon; he is able to fight a high-level swordsman on equal footing with nothing but the old wooden staff, he can use this wooden staff to block high rounds of gunfire, this is only possible due to being able to enhance the stick with his inner Ki...strengthening the wooden stick and making it durable enough to break through steel, block bullets and produces waves of Ki that can sunder the surrounds around him. He uses this as an extension of himself.

    Immense Physical Strength: Aryan is much more physically powerful than any average human. Being able to level great rock faces and the ground with single strikes, Despite his size, possesses impressive amounts of strength

    Displays of strength in single punches:



    Strength with wooden staff:

    Immense Physical Speed: He is quick and deceptively light on his feet, being able to run at great speed, moving faster than the eye can follow and even moving at the speed of sound or slightly over. However reaching this speed requires Aryan to utilize light foot techniques, which is a crucial fundamental in martial arts. Walking techniques include movements for attacking, defending and offsetting the opponent. They can also be used to average, everyday walking. Since they utilize ki, albeit not nearly enough to exhaust a person, an inexperienced user will have to consciously make the effort to circulate ones Ki around their ankles and foot, in order to propel them for things such as running or even attacking. However a master? does not need to consciously think, with continuous training. Moving at high speeds with walking techniques becomes muscle memory....just as normal walking does. This is why many high-level masters of martial arts have a walking speed that matches a normal human sprint. Aryan is at the stage where he still needs to slightly think about the level of Ki he circulates around his feet in order to move faster than sound. But this proved dangerous due to the fact that if attacked? one would then to consciously circulate their Ki to whatever part of the body is about to order to defend. Which is why Aryan has developed a way to continuously circulate his Ki through and around his body subconsciously without having to think, In order to make his body as hard as steel, whilst also moving at incredible speeds without needed to put much thought into i
    (Fight with his grand father, both moving at such speeds they produce afterimages that appear to be damaged)

    (Stopped an assassin who can strike so fast time seems to slow down to a halt, you can tell by the water being frozen in motion)

    Immense Physical Agility: His best attribute comes down to his agility and flexibility.Due to the natural strengthening of his body from training he has supernatural agility, his agility, balance, and bodily coordination are all enhanced to levels that are far beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete.. He is agile enough move any any position as he sees fit. He has the ability to effortlessly flip and jump around a fight using most surfaces to his advantage. He is extraordinarily limber and his tendons and connective tissues are five times as elastic as the average human beings, He has the combined agility and acrobatic prowess of the most accomplished Martial artists and acrobats.

    Immense Durability/Endurance and Stamina: Aryan has is extremely resilient and persistent combatant, tanking seriously powerful blows and being able to continue fighting. Despite to his immortality, he does need to eat and sleep, though he consumes about a 20,000 times more calories and protein than a normal human, this is due to weight loss he experiences during intense training and combat, other than that...he is very chubby. He is able to withstand massive attacks and punches with little damage. Despite his physical output being attributed to Ki enhancing his physical attacks, He cannot (Without an added Ki barrier outside of his passive Ki shield, layering over his body) Tank attacks that can obliterate entire islands. For him to be able to tank such attacks, he would need to add another layer of Ki to his shields which is reactive but conscious effect and drains a considerable amount of Ki and will leave paralyzed and unable to continue the battle, without gathering more Ki, which depending on whether the attack is of THAT caliber and power? could take him days. His passive Ki shield only extends to heavy artillery such Tank piercing bullets, tank shells and missiles such as low grade RPGs (Even withstand such an attack he will feel the brunt of it and may come out with a few wounds but the passive protects him from majority of the attacks)

    Inner Ki
    Aryan possess an abnormal amount of Inner Ki, He has been noted as having great inner ki, being able to drastically increase the physical properties of an old wooden staff to be able to contest with swords.
    The sheer amount of Inner Ki Aryan possess has left many to question how he gained so much power...without remembering the fact that Gang has been an Immortal for hundreds of years

    Releasing his Aura:

    While outer ki and inner ki both exist, inner ki is a major part of a martial artist's strength. It has been noted that in the hands of a master with great inner ki, even a dead leaf can become a weapon that can pierce iron plates.
    The bodies of martial artists (and regular humans) have various important points on the body that determine ki output as well as one's mortality. There are twelve ki veins and eight erratic ki passages which are joined by the regular flow of one's ki. As well as that, a person has nine fatal points. If these fatal points are disrupted and a person continues using their martial arts, these fatal points will burst, causing a ki overload and ultimately death. Martial artists also have eight extra meridians on their body that, if opened correctly, boost the martial artist's inner ki levels

    The Ki follows a natural flow throughout the body and is as important as the other three aspects of the body's composition for the appropriate function of the body. Which consist of the (Mind, body and spirit) The flows of Ki play an important role in the execution of seemingly high-level techniques.

    Main Martial Arts: True Way of Bodily Form (真の体の形Shin no karada no katachi)

    Aryan is a master of the true way of the bodily form. Allowing him absolute control over his body movements in such a fashion that every fall, stumble and slip is in his control. 

    Movement Mastery: The key principle of movement within the martial arts is to have control over the mind and body, to an extent that it becomes possible to unify their passive and active intentions so that the body moves with thought as opposed to at different intervals. When these two are in dissonance, not only does the efficiency of the martial artist's actions fall behind, but they can be easily read and predicted by an opponent during battle. It is through Aryan's absolute mastery over his own self — mind, body, and spirit — that every part of him moves in unison. Of course, for most masters, this requires concentration and being rendered off-guard can cause the unification of mind and body to collapse. However, for Aryan, the act of moving in unison is second nature to him, such that he does not require a conscious effort to keep control of every aspect of his being. When mastering to the extent he has acquired, the next stage is to act without mind. Aryan has explained that by the time sensations pass through the senses to the mind, so that a response can be generated, a crucial amount of time has already been lost. Ideally, what one should want is for each and every part of their body to react, respond, and move independently without losing unity. This can only be done when natural command of the self is achieved. When the self is mastered to a great enough extent, it is possible to utilize this control in order to Throw off the opponents senses. Because of this mastery, Aryan can manipulate all bodily rotations, including spinning, turning, rolling, etc., allowing him to move his body in any way or direction, allowing to escape any hold, dodge Most attacks, and even avoid damage from any fall by spreading out the impact. He can rotate/turn several different parts of their bodies at the same time in different directions, allowing him to confuse others as to what they will do next.

    Efficient Body:  He has a body/bodily systems that is totally efficient, with absolutely no wasted energy or effort on his part. This allows him to make best use of his body/bodily systems, including metabolism, immune system, temperature regulation, digestion, movement, thinking, etc., without having to expend/waste unnecessary effort or energy to make sure its working the way it's supposed to. 

    Superhuman momentum:
    Aryan can concentrate/focus his body's acceleration/inertia/motion/speed to any point of his body, such as arms, hands, feet, legs, fingers, toes etc. This allows him complete and sudden acceleration from any point on his body, which lets him attack or dodge anything without warning or time to react, this also grants him perfect reflexes. Aryan can generate great amounts of physical force through kinetic energy, even in a stationary position. He can instantly change and move in any direction and with this, he can also change the speed of His motion, going from 0 to full speed in an instant (Something he uses in tangent with his fight prowess).Aryan doesn't need to gather momentum as he can generate great amounts of physical force through kinetic energy, even whilst in a stationary position. His speed lets him channel the force into powerful strikes, this is utilized Skillfully in his martial arts, as Aryan is able to successfully perform the famed One-inch punch and produce over 30,00,000 pounds of force (1,500 tons). With this comes the added fluidity of his movements, as Adrian has mentally trained himself to be able to use such body control to his advantage, allowing him to move without pause or hesitation as if flowing like water. He is also able to implement such movement into his fighting style, allowing his to fluidly connect attacks with coordinated follow-ups and Allowing him to change his course of action midway, allowing quick corrections in actions, changing course of action, making last minute adjustments to movements, duping the opponent into making a mistake and changing from one action/movement to another.

    Eye in the sky: Aryan is able to perfectly see a three-dimensional space (300 meters) from an outside perspective, and constantly be aware of all action in this space, whether he can see it with his eyes or not.

    This allows Aryan to be able to perceive the dimensions (length, width, and height), distances between objects, shapes, and sizes of things, etc. He can discern how far away something is (within his 300-meter range) and the exact measurements of the proportions of an object. When activating this ability, This ability allows Aryan to mimic the famous state of mind only known to martial artists known as "Mushin" where the user acts on instinct and dodges attacks without having to see them coming. As he has trained him to react to anything that comes within this 300 meter range on pure instinct alone