Yeah, we all hit low points I guess

  • It's been a while since I've written a blog but recently I've hit a turn of events which suck. I graduated university in an animation degree and a decent set of experience to think that would be enough. It isn't, it's already been 4 months and I still haven't gotten a job. I'm suck working part time and my life is currently pretty miserable, I've been suffering through depression and for the most part I don't know what to do with my life at this point. Tbh, No I do know. I really do and I can see the goal, however climbing out of this depression is tough, it feels endless and I honestly feel chained. Like I've gone through another 4 years of education for absolutely nothing and it does suck real bad. 

    Yeah, just hit a low point in my life currently but I hope I'll get out of it

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    OLD-SOUL "As you struggle through the darkest moments in your life, just as you are about to give into the pain, you must realize that life might be hard but...., its not “Dark Souls” hard; So, take a knee, praise the sun, then keep moving."

    - OLD-SOUL
    December 30, 2017