Why do we enjoy anime?

  • -First of all, please excuse my english, I'm probably going ot make a lot of mistakes, since I'm actually from Spain. Thank you-

    Why we love anime is a question that has crossed the minds of many of us. I'm not going to say I know the exact answer, because it depends on each one's way of thinking, but in this first blog, I'm gonna try and give what may be, at least, an answer that's close to it. 

    To begin explaining, we are going to look at another typical question. Why do we all feel that "void", that emptiness inside after we're done watching a good anime? The answer to both questions is almost the same, but this one is a bit more practical. And not only that, we all know it, wether we want to accept it or not.



    Anime is an incredibly powerful media of expression. When used properly, it can make us travel straight to the author's mind, emotions and feelings, and it can take us through adventures, misteries, and entire lives. It has the power to leave a mark on us... for better or worse. 

    Have you ever seen an Anime that made you think "Damn, I'd like to be that guy", or "I'd give everything to live that"?  Probably yes. And if that's the case, you'll rembember the feeling it left you when it came to an end. And not only then, but also the days after. In some cases, that sensation might be coming back to you right now. "I even wish I hadn't seen it just so I could discover it again" is another thought you may've had. 



    That's because, after all, you've "lived" an adventure. It doesn't have to be your typical adventure and you haven't REALLY lived it, but it's an unrealistic story that was created to be moving and interesting. You are not the main character, but you can probably identify yourself with him/her, and thus you feel the emotional impact the series' events leave on that character. All of that happens because, after all, our lives aren't perfect and we all know it. A lot of times, we see characters accomplishing our own dreams or being involved in situations we'd like to experience. Their lives are interesting and, since they're compressed in a few episodes, we don't have to deal with any routine while going through them, which makes them even more interesting. We really get involved in those little fictional worlds, and then we're pulled out. Our common sense reminds us "Dude, snap out of it! That guy isn't you, now go do your homework/whatever" and now, we really know it's over. It's not written, so now our imagination is the only think that can keep the adventure going, and it has it's limitations (We don't want to go insane, after all) but we can't help but keep thinking about it. Time goes by and we end up finding another anime to entertain ourselves with and possibly, repeat the whole process. We want to escape our daily routine and to see, hear, and do impossible things. 


    ...but we all knew that, right?


    Entertainment has always been used as a way to escape. From routine, from bad times, etc, and with the kind of lives us, ordinary people, use to live, I'd say it's pretty necessary. In one way or another, we all look for ways to "fulfill us" and experience situations that otherwise would be impossible. Entertainment is a manifestation of our fantasies and our imagination and a good way to feel pumped up (or depressed as hell). When you get invested in a story, in another person's shoes, you live it way more intensely than if you don't and due to the empathy that inherent in us humans, whatever happens to the character you root for is going to affect you. Because of that, the author (intentionally or not) always spreads some of his desires, fears or fantasies in his work. because, after all, it's his creation and it depends on him. 



    That's pretty much the conclusion I usually come to. It's not only a way to pass time, but a way to escape, and, without it, our lives would be more boring.It's not only about an anime "being good", but rather about connecting with us and leaving a mark, and so, each one's take on this subject is, at least, slightly different. 


    BUT that was only my poorly expressed (And a bit exaggerated) opinion. Am I a lifeless idiot that needs entertainment to not kill himself? Am I a guy with too much free time? Am I right? Have I only stated the obvious? Feel free to comment what you think down below, because I'd really like to read it. See you all later!


    PS: I would have liked to talk about it including more of my personal experience, but didn't really have the time to write down all of it or the ability to express it in a language that's not mine. I may do it next time, but for now, that was all.