Long Introduction About me.

  • Welcome fellows.
    This is a Introductionary of Who I am.
    You can call me Riolu or Rio like my penpal does.
    As you may see, I'm everywhere.
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, School Idol Tomodachi, Bandori Party, Cinderella Producers, FanFiction, Discord, LINE, Steam, MyAnimeList, Osu!, Amino (Communities, and Anime Amino itself.), VNDB, Reddit, YouTube.

    I started my anime journey since I was 13, 
    Started to love stuff around Japan, and began to learn Japanese from that point on.
    But I'm still learning! Don't worry!
    During the anime journey, I started to love Yuri! Multiple ships. Pow.

    Then i found out stuff like adaptations of the source.
    What can be the adaptation be like? Is it good? Is it bad? 
    Well you may know after you tried the anime. 
    If it was that bad, I'd read the source of the Manga.
    Light Novels, however, i dunno. But I'd look up to see if there's English translated ones, but i still dunno.
    It's probably a hit and miss. so, One day I'd get the hand of them.
    But for Visual Novels, I loved reading them.
    I loved reading 18+ ones the most, However i dislike cut-out content. 
    But I'd read All Ages as it were it's originally of release.
    You will be the protagonist of the story/ or series, that you can only read to yourself.
    You may feel sorry/emotional for the characters if something bad happened to them.
    You may feel empty if the protagonist had gave them love, but still no love back return as in, what worse? 
    She probably most finds something more important than the protagonist.
    You may feel the suspense, something good happened.
     Moving on. But, I can know what they're saying even if it's an untranslated vn, as i can translate through my head! Brillant, don't you think?

    Before I had gone to the anime and visual novels community,
    I loved playing Hidden Object games.
    The most favorite series were the Big City Adventure, by Jolly Bear.
    The most favorite game than the rest of the Dream Day series is the Dream Day: First Home.
    I had also played a bunch of Match 3 games, like Kitten Sanctuary, where you rescue the kittens from the mighty bad alien!
    I didn't like how Candy Crush that was very mainsteam. However, I prefer HuniePop than the that one.

    I had played games like Animal Crossing (GCN), Donkey Kong Racing (64), Mario Party (64), Mario Kart (64),
    Viva Pinata (Xbox 360), Mario Tennis (64), Rollercoaster Tycoon (PC), The Sims 3 (PC).
    I had played DS games too, Favorites were the Mystery Dungeon series, EoS and Rescue Team.
    (I love the BGM better on Red than Blue, imo.)
    I stopped playing Pokemon games as it were too much games, and time-consuming.

    In 2015, I stopped drinking soda drinks, exception that is: Snapple, Ramune (Japanese soda).

    I had brought manga volumes from a store in Prince Albert called Tramps.
    I play my PSVita, as it was given to me on my belated birthday on 2014.
    Today, i brought the first Japanese Vita game, which is Girlfriend Kari.
    I still play the Girlfriend Kari web game to this day, as it is a card game.

    One day, My sister took me to Noodle King & Ice Cream Queen @ Saskatoon,
    When my sister was still staying there on a apartment with a neighbour next door.
    Where it is the first time i had ated Ramen. (Chicken Flavor to be exact.)

    I buy Ramune drinks that are $3 each in Noodle King & Ice Cream Queen, another is that it's called differently on Prince Albert, Marble Pop.
    Not only i get Marble Pop from the Superstore, I also get a pack of Chocolate Pocky.

    I have a first figurine and daki from last year. Which are both Nico Yazawa.

    Then, I started to play games like School Idol Festival (rhythm card game) which that time i started on EN, so when EN was slow, I gave my account away to someone else. Then I Joined the JP server. I'm Rank 129.
    BanG Dream (rhythm card game), The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage (rhythm card game), Moe Girl Cafe 2 (You make the food from the Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes. You make the soda drinks. You own the restaurant yourself. You can't fire your employees. 
    All you can do is use that card to make it stronger from the duplicate one. Characters are from Touhou, and Anime.), Sword Girls (Korean Server, a anime-styled card game where you have girls in swords. There is like four factions to pick. The card you use determines who's turn.
    You try to make the enemy lose. You get a reward after it's finished, you use it to craft things. The English server closed down 2012-ish. Fans of it made two fangames.).

    One day, I fall in love with Reol (utaite)'s music. I died.
    I also love Japanese music. getting Itunes Cards for japanese songs itself.
    I daze out on interesting soundtrack when i read Visual novels, then later i continue on.

    Most of the day I drink Coffee sometimes, as i dip my international french vanilla cream to it. It's Delicious!
    Then, I move on with Tea afterwards.
    Oh, Milk Tea is amazing! you should try it!

    I live in a village where people here speak Cree and English.
    But I have Cree in me, But I do not speak it.
    But though, I'm teaching my friend who's interested in Woods Cree itself.