Vidrarya Series

  • Check out the Vidrarya Series I'm working on, it's currently in draft but it's worth and time! And you might be surprised!
    Suddenly a girl appear out of the crack of the space fabric, it was the girl from earlier, Vidararya,

    "Done here, I'll show you that these realities are not real and it's just your consciousness experiencing them"

    As I looked around I notice time had stop,

    With a snap of her figure all my pasts presents and futures came up on little screens, it was like having my life played on different TVs,

    "The hell is this?"

    I said,

    "It's the reality that you live in, when you leave completely, you'll return to the cosmos, you won't no longer be able to experience these realities, memory, emotions, attachments, unneeded, none of this is real, it's just your consciousness thinking it is, your consciousness is able to experience these worlds here, technically, at first it was ment to be a game where everyone could co create and live in these worlds with their consciousness, something went wrong and most people lost their ability to remember there sub conscious, there real and original and only consciousness, the consciousness you are perceiving things as of right now is not the real consciousness, but it is your subconscious, that is real conscious"

    She reach out her hand,

    "Let me show you how easy it is to go back in time and put you in a conscious experience, you wouldn't be able to tell if it was the real world vs the fake one without you being in contact with your subconscious, let me show you"

    She said,

    She reached out her hand,


    I grabbed her hand and we began to fly up through space, we past a flew places, it was like we where traveling in parts of space where things were being manufactured and created such as planets, universes, and various other things.

    "This way"

    She said as I floated toward her, a door opened and everything flashed.


    I yelled,

    "Wait up! Phew... Phew!... Fuck?!"

    I was out of breathe, me and Sarra had been running for awhile on the beach,

    "Shit girl, you made me tired.."

    I said gasping for my breathe,

    She turned and smiled,


    As I looked there was a nice sunset,


    It was the first time since me and Sarra seen something so romantic since we been together.... Then the sun smiled at me,

    "What the fuck!..."

    I said,


    Asked Sarra,

    Suddenly time froze again,


    Said Vidararya

    Suddenly I could remember what I was doing, "Vidararya....?"

    I mumbled,

    "See? I slipped your consciousness into a pre set reality, most people call these dreams, this one was created by me with advance technology, so it felt real ash unlike the standard ones,

    Most times people create the own since they have a short length of time in there sub consciousness"

    Said Vidararya,

    "So tell me, what happened to us then"
    I asked,

    "Well I'm lucky myself to escape but lets just say someone or someones, preferably evil beings, hi jacked the realities and deciphered the link between conscious, this fake reality and sub conscious the real world which you can tell the difference, I believe the Agenda is to trap people in the fake one so the ones still connected with both consciousness can rule over and trap people in the fake one, I think they've perfected this art with technology in which they can recycle people back into the fake reality away from their subconscious, I'm simply just trying to help whoever I can to break free of this"