• Chapter 1: The Birth Of A Hero

    Somewhere in a world called "Sword Art Online", Kirito (Kazuto Kirigaya) and Asuna (Asuna Yuuki) were having a great time to themselves. "Gee, I am so bored out of my mind right now..", Kirito said. "So, what should we do, Kirito-Kun?", Asuna asked. "Should we go for a walk?", Kirito asked, thinking about it. "I think we should in case to get out of our boredoms.", Asuna agreed. So Kirito and Asuna began going out for a walk. "It feels great, right, Asuna?", Kirito asked, smiling. "Yep.", Asuna said with a smile. So they went to the park, sat at the bench and began chilling. 57 minutes later, the ground began rumbling, the blue-eyed monster has risen. Kirito and Asuna grabbed their weapons and began battling the monster. Meanwhile, Somari (combination of Mario and Sonic, but wearing Tails' shoes), had headed to the surface and watched how Kirito and Asuna fought the monster. "I want to go out there and help them.", Somari thought to himself. So, Somari dashed to the surface. At the same time, Somari and Kirito attacked the monster using their powers. Suddenly, the attacked missed on the monster. Instead, The monster knocked Somari and Kirito out, which caused Somari ended up having Kirito's colors.


    After 5 seconds, Somari woke up from being knocked out by the monster. As he got up, he looked at the mirror and noticed that his colors were changed to Kirito's colors. "What the Hell?", Somari said. So he putted down the mirror, and continued helping Kirito and Asuna fighting the blue-eyed monster. "Starburst Stream Slash!", Kirito and Somari said, using the attack on the monster. The blue-eyed monster was defeated. Kirito and Asuna looked at Somari who had Kirito's Colors. "Who are you?", Kirito asked, curious, looking at Somari. "My name... my name is.... Kirimarito.", Kirimarito (Somari) said. "However, I was originally "Somari" with red and blue, but now I have different colors like this.", Kirimarito added. "So, where am I?", Kirimarito asked, looking around. "You're in a world of Sword Art Online.", Asuna said. "I'm Asuna, this is my husband, Kirito.", Asuna added, introducing Kirimarito to Kirito. "Nice to meet you, Kirito.", Kirimarito said. "It's nice to meet you as well.", Kirito said. "Yep. I was the one who was helping you two fight that monster.", Kirimarito said. "I'm glad I have helped.", Kirimarito added. "After all that hard work, I think we should head home.", Kirito said. So, the heroes, Kirito and Asuna and even the "New" hero, Kirimarito headed home and planned to get some rest.