The End Of The Battle

  • I stood there, my armor tattered and falling to peices. Fires raging on in the valley beneath me. The skies clouded and, my army deminished to nothing. Bodies laying everywhere, laying where there last breath was taken. Evidence of the budal battle strone about. I knew this would happen. Years of war, inequility, living under their rule. Taken out of out of our homes when they needed something, never to return. How could I have possibly thought that this would fix anything? I looked up, the sky still dark. Left alone on the battlefeild. Tears streaming down my face. How could I have done this? Begun the revolt against the wolves? We stood no chance to there teeth and unforgiving claws. Why..... how could I have thought this was a good idea? What is there to do now? Most of my kind lays before me. Why?


    If there's a way to make stories here, should I turn this into one??

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  • Kazuki
    Kazuki This could become a pretty good story! A pretty good rp too. hint hint
    November 10, 2015