Soapbox: Social Media and YouTube Rants

  • While he’s not unique in this regard, SEMPHIS has a reputation for posting ridiculous things on Twitter. Who could forget the time he tried to draw comparisons between the MongolZ using Genghis Khan Buy csgo skins with paypal as their logo to a German team using Hitler as their logo?
    Or perhaps the time he suggested a battle royale involving all banned players where the winner becomes eligible to play once again. In this case, SEMPHIS was (presumably) joking, but it’s indicative of his tendency to welcome controversy with open arms.
    While not all of his tweets are as inflammatory or provocative as his Adderall comments, it’s easy to find gems like these on his social media accounts.
    As his career has seemed to stagnate, SEMPHIS has become much more active on their YouTube channel. He often posts rants about CS: GO, as well as videos about his diet and exercise routines. Much like Valve’s reworks of Train and Nuke, SEMPHIS has gone through quite the visual overhaul during his CSGO Skins career, and has turned into quite the power lifter.
    PUG Life: The SEMPHIS Story
    As a player, SEMPHIS is perhaps the embodiment associated with North America’s “scrimmy” playstyle, and, for better or worse, his fondness with regard to illogical force-buys is a staple of his or her in-game leadership. He’s survived as a player and in-game leader by using his experience and veteran knowledge to surprise the opponents.
    Personally, I don’t believe SEMPHIS had been ever a great gamer, but his in-game skills can’t be dismissed entirely, at least in the context of North America. While his mechanical abilities have declined over the years, and he is no longer competing at a high level, the CS: MOVE community benefits from unique and entertaining characters like SEMPHIS.