CS: GO Player History: Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo

  • Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo originally made his name as a star AWPer in CS 1 . 6, where many hailed him as the heir apparent to cogu, one of the greatest AWPers in Counter-Strike history. FalleN dabbled in CS: Source and Crossfire, but rose to prominence once again in CS: GO leading the underdog KaBuM! e-Sports squad in 2014. He became a star AWPer in CS: GO, however had quite a down period between the end of 2016 and moving into the new year. At different points in his career FalleN has lost their form and been less impactful, but the talented Brazilian superstar always finds his or her Cheap CSGO Skins way back to the top.
    FalleN in CS 1 . 6: The First Rise and Fall
    Towards the end of CS 1 . 6,CSGO Skins  FalleN had proven himself as an AWP prodigy on multiple teams. After cogu took a step back from the game, Dropped was the next great Brazilian AWPer. Decreased wasn’t quite as great as cogu, but he was still an incredible talent. He wasn’t surrounded by the same level of support or talent that cogu had, and was never as successful on the international level, but he did win multiple tournaments against North as well as South American teams.
    Unfortunately, FalleN’s 1 . 6 peak came at the wrong time, as all the other excellent Brazilian players were on the decline and also starting to move way from the game. CS 1 . 6 itself was also beginning to fade, as players began trying to transition to CS: Resource. FalleN tried the hand at Supply, but never quite seemed to hit his / her stride in that installment of the Counter-Strike franchise. He also briefly experimented with Crossfire, another FPS title with elements similar to CS, and performed quite well. But his one 6 career left many wondering what could have been if Gone down was competing with the same advantages of a player like cogu.

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    Ferocious To be quite honest, FalleN was one of my favourites
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