Save Me!

  • I sit up here in a room like I always do thinking that the only way I can fix thing is if I just imagine that this is all a dream and one day I will wake up and see it for myself. When really this is my life. I am girl who is basically trapped in a place I no longer want to be but there is no escape all that is around me is these for walls. No one gets what it is about and no one ever understands, cause I am always the one that is in the wrong. It can never be someone else. Every time I try to make thing better all I seem to do is make things worse. When I stand up for myself it makes it worse. When I give up and just let people walk over me I sit and cry. There is no one there for me. I feel like a bird trapped in a cage no able to get out to the outside world. Every day is on repeat and it never changed no matter how I try to change it. I need that knight is shining armor to break me free to spread my wings and fly. But for now I have to watch these four walls and dream of ways to be free.