World of Anime Reboot: Update 2

  • It's been about 3 weeks since my last update on the upcoming World of Anime Reboot, and I wanted to give a quick update.

    I'm continuing to work on the site in almost all of my available free time, and things are continuing to come along very nicely.  With the first update, I was mostly announcing infrastructure and architecture milestones, and now I can say with this update that features are starting to come into place.  So far on the new site you can:

    Create an account, log in, log out, edit your profile, add a profile image, search for users, view profiles, add a comment to a users profile, add a reply to a comment, view your notification count number.

    I've started basic styling, trying constantly to ensure the site looks good on both desktop and mobile.

    Before the site is ready to launch, I still need to do at least the following: allow you to send/accept/reject friend requests, view your notifications, ensure all notifiable actions create notifications, continue to improve site appearance, various tweaks and bug fixes, and a few other small features.  If I had to guess, I would say the new site is at least 1 - 2 months away from being ready to use, though that number is subject to change.

    I do want to get it out as soon as possible, and I have said in the past I will launch with very basic features, and new features will be added in time after its live.  I really just want to get rid of this site and get onto the new site already.  I want to have it being used before there are too many features built into it, so I can get an idea of how it holds up and fix any issues that arise while the site is still relatively small.  So anything I can do to speed up the process of getting the new site up, I will do.

    I will continue to post updates as I work on the new site to let you know how its coming.  And as always, I will remind you again that with the reboot, no content is being moved over to the new site.  This means you should get anything off of this site that you want to keep.  This includes any images, blog posts, messages, etc...  They will not be kept once the new site is live.  Thanks for listening, and I look forward to bringing you the new World of Anime!